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Cozy Hood Abaya Collection for Winter Styling

Warmer and cozy abaya become a general requirement of every lady during winter season. Fashionary ladies are potentially looking for an abaya that not only cover their fashion requirement but also protects them from the seasonal effects. Neck and head back are the sensitive parts of the body soon affected by the cold season so it necessary to cover them with cozy stuff. Hood it one of the most recommended piece easy to wear and also elegant source of getting warmth. Here we bring fine collection of hoodie abayas for our page followers.

Lace trim boxer hood abaya:

Try this luxe black abaya actually crafted with polka dotted jacquard fabric. It’s double layer abaya featuring boxer style hood to cover the head. Lace trimmed front open abaya gorgeously wears over black ankle length dress. It edgy looks for empowered Muslim ladies.

Leopard printed hood abaya:

Leopard print fabulously incorporates in womenwears designing. This trendier abayas ingeniously festooned with high quality black crepe and leopard printed chiffon fabric. Leopard printed fabric splendidly applies to five sleeve cuff and hoodie details while other abaya remain simple in black hues. It’s dreamy abaya for fashionary girls.

Draw string black hood abaya:

Islamic fashion trend come with lots of variation. Tea length black abayas is elegant piece provide delicate look with modest feelings. Draw string hoodie abaya is modern style highly adopted by sporty girls. Asymmetrical slit cut pocket allow you to cover hand. Take this abayas for winter and fall styling.

Fashionable hoodie abaya:

Here designer beautifully present traditional black abaya with a twist. Silver and black lace trimmed front open abaya featuring extravagant flounce sleeve and a hood. Floor length front open hood abaya grabs attention as she fabulously contrasted white hijab to get statement glance. Black pointy toes pump also elegant choice. Copy this trendy look for special event celebrations.

Loose fitted black abaya with hood:

Wow! It’s truly elegant abaya for winter and fall styling. Bell sleeve and hood cap detailed pull over abaya become comfortable cover up keep you warmer but also add delicate feelings. Gold and silver thing laces apply on border, sleeve cuffs and hood edged to make it more attractive. Wear stylish hijab beneath hood to get indifferent look.

High-low hood cap abaya:

Coral trimmed front open cardigan style hoodie abaya is breathtaking compliment in Muslim girl’s wardrobe. This high-low abaya is suitable for Everyday Street or formal styling. Fall back the hood cap if you desired to show-off printed hijab but layer it when you feel cold. Hood caps not a simple head covering piece. It restricts air touché to back of the head.

Dual color abaya with hood cap:

Shukar is one of the most influential Islamic clothing store offer endless collection of woman abaya. Hood abaya is also one of the most inspiration offering draw trendy girls attentions. Each and every abaya designs with unique details and hues but there is a single purpose of providing these expertly crafted abayas that is comfort. These abayas are so comfortable best for casual styling. Tan, blue, black, grey and beige color hood abaya having cozy hood best for both day and night styling.

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