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Simple Scarf Wearing Ideas for Hijabies Girls

Wearing a scarf in stylish way is all time favorite topics among fashionary girls yet wearing scarf which give hijab look superb idea for hijabies girls want to get fashionable appeal without letting modesty. I’m not talking about general hijab look. Hijab is a head covering pieces wrapped around head give modest look exactly meet with Islamic clothing codes. You can also get hijab look by wearing  scarf in different tie style such as side knot, back knot, Infinity wrap etc. which cover both fashion and religious requirement.

Printed Quick Toss Scarf:

Quick toss is simplest style of wearing scarf. Cover head instead of draping it over the shoulder. Adjust scarf properly as one side slightly longer than other. Now wrap scarf in loop style by using longer end as one end hang down on back and one in front. Quick toss scarf wrapping is ideal deal for teen and young girls obsessed about hijab covering.

Easy Wrap Around Scarf Styling Idea:

Here is another interesting scarf wearing style must inspires you. Simply wrap scarf around the neck by covering head. Wear head cap first it will helpful to permit non-slipping grip over scarf. Drape down scarf from back after covering heads and set end as one side the longer used later. Now pick longer side in smoothly wrap around the neck in single and bring end in front and let it flow down the shoulder.

Chic Scarf Styling For Hijab Girl:

It also simple scarf wearing ideas already discuss in above picture. Grey pashmina scarf simply wrap around head to get sweet look in this statement outfit. Black jeans and black tee is pure western outfit do not meet with Islamic clothing codes but grey knit cardigan and hijab warped make it perfect Islamic outfit reveal modesty of Muslim girl.

Printed Scarf As Hijab:

Look this heard-turning Muslim girl’s outfit consists on neon blue maxi dress and color blocked printed scarf. I love they style of wearing scarf. Turquoise, aqua and blue color scarf nicely wear in hijab style which compete with modern fashion trends. Follow this trendy hijab look to celebrate special events.

Unique Scarf Wearing As Hijab:

Fashion forward girls totally change the perception of Muslim girl’s style now it goes beyond traditional abaya style. Modern girl know well how she look different by wearing scarf. Look at this girl who simple drape mauve color scarf with velvet pant. Graphical printed tee and military jacket.

Chiffon Scarf as Hijab:

It’s simple and quick scarf tying technique best work in routine style. Quick tossing scarf wearing not only save time but also give unusual look from casual hijab look. I simple pick rectangular scarf and drape it in one side toss style.

Z-Style Scarf Styling:

Z-style hijab is fabulous form of reversed toss hijab in which both ends drape down on back by tossing them in criss cross style. Simple toss one end on the opposite shoulder and second end toss to the shoulder against it. It just takes 1 minute it complete. You can copy this style for regular and special styling with any outfit.

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