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Pashmina Shawls in Multi Colored Designing for Women

Pashmina is a special kind of wool fabric. It is also called the Kashmiri wool. This wool is made from pashmina goat. This wool is used as made from shawl. Pashmina shawl is handmade. This shawl is warm and worn in winter season.

Pashmina shawl plays an essential role in winter season. In winter season everyone save himself with cold wind. These shawls are worn over the warm clothes. It is draped over the shoulder, arm and some time worn over the head.

There are various styles and designs of pashmina shawls. These shawls are in square and rectangular shaped. These are designed with simple plain, printed and embroidered. There are floral, carry and patterned designing pashmina shawls.

These shawls are perfect in winter season. These are embellished with colorful thread embroidery. These shawls are in blue, burgundy, skin, black, zinc, reed peach, pink, ferozi, grey and multi colored.
In short entire collection of pashmina shawl is luxurious and cozy effect. Trendy girls are like these shawls and worn in cold season. These shawls are special item of Kashmir.

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