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How to Tie a Scarf with 5 Different Styles

Dear friends! As earlier we have share with you countless Hijab style for winter season, but now as you are well known that summer season on boots level so something change and unique in this New Year must be needed. Cool and fresh feelings with soft and light weight dressing keep you relax and comfortable. In all fashion accessory scarf in tie style is another interesting fashion trend that offers you to enjoy with every dress. How you look smart and elegant ad which tie up style best suited on your personality you can take ideas form here and create new look I your personality.


How to Tie a Scarf:

One loop:


1: at first stage of making style one loop with scarf wear the scarf on your shoulder.

2: divided the scarf in one long and other short end.

3: make a loop with longer end around your neck loosely.

4: properly adjust the loop around the neck that you feel comfort and maintain the balance with scarf.

Bunny Ear Summer Style:


As you can see in the above picture working ladies dress up the matching shoes and scarf that make him well dress. Skinny jeans with hand bags and glasses look great on her personality and give attractive impression. How she can make the bunny ear scarf style learnt here.

1: wear the scarf over the shoulder with short and long ends.

2: at second stage pick up the longer end and slightly make a loop around the neck twice time in same direction.

3: get the same end and fit it under the second loop as it makes a band.

4: finally you pick up the other short end and tie it with other end and drop down in one side of shoulder.

Infinity Loop:


To enjoy infinity loop scarf style you can pick up the fringe and other jersey scarf as you like more or best one of you.

1: wear the fringe scar over the shoulder with ebullient ends.

2: now pick up the both end and tie up them in knotted form.

3: you must confirm that first knot not become loose otherwise make another knot over the first.

4: when you give finally look to 3rd step I emerged in 8 counting figure shape. You assure that you are going in true direction.

5: now turn the bottom of loop back off the neck.

Double Twist Style:


The best one for summer season style in scarf is double twist. Colorful chiffon scarf with ripped jeans give lovely and modern beauty. Comfortable and relax feelings can enjoy in hot weather.

1: wear your favorite scarf around your neck.

2: make a loop around the neck with loose fitting that both end of scarf remain equal in size.

3: after drawing the loop falls down the double end on both side shoulders in drop down movement.

Simple Drop down Style:


When you are going to function or parties you want something unique and comfort. As you see in above picture a modish ladies dress up the lacy dress with ankle strip heeled sandals.

1: chiffon printed Hijab simply wearing over the shoulder.

2: make confirm the both ends are equal in length.

3: tie up the scarf under the waist belt that gives both fitting to dress and scarf.

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