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Elegant Ways to Tie Silk Scarf around the Neck

Trying a silk scarf is easy but difficult to make perfect style for special occasion. Soft and shining look give the silk scarf that can attain in every color or print easily. Some classic and new fashion styles of silk scarf here we familiarized with you. I hope you like every style that so easy to make. Square silk scarf every pattern has individual beauty that need short time to make. Try from below the way to wear silk scarf around the neck!

Paisley Neckerchief Scarves:

Trendy way is to wear paisley neckerchief scarves in strip op and black pant dressing. Bright and visible look make knotted scarf and feel soft. Just fold the scarf and take ends for knotted over and over. In black and white boat neck top red color silk scarf is best suited. Now you can wear the shoulder hand bag and slip your hand in pant pocket.  Gold buckle as embellished on bag face inspired to that jewelry attain the lady.

French Knot Square Silk Scarf:

Small square silk scarf in orange color match with black tone of sleeveless top. French knot style is gain in “O” neckline of top. Back to front knotted scarf you can enjoy in back bun hair style, and pearl earrings. You can make over your face beauty in scarf color. Like with orange, brown and skin scarf red color lipstick used the lady. French knot silk scarf make borderline around the neck.

Loosely Tied Around The Neck:

When you are wearing loose fit shirt and denim jeans make loose tied of silk scarf around your neck. Make contras the silk scarf with your skinny jeans. Business lady can follow the loosely fit around the neck glossy scarf idea. Now you can make up your shoulder length hair above the scarf. In summer days this one printed silk scarf styling keep you cool and comfort.

Knot Around The Neck:

In above image lady wear skinny pant with winter blazer. Multi color scarf knot around your neck. With long half your can make a knot near the neck. Now scarf both end pull down in the open blazer. You feel relax and keep safe from neck cold. Side band hair style easily makes over the scarf. It’s perfect and elegant look style that shows your fashion conscious personality.

Back Neck Knot Nature Print Silk Scarf:

With black sweater dress you can easily attain the nature print silk scarf. Really awesome beauty of lady appears in bright color dressing. Big size square scarf she wear in neck back knot style. With this idea layer of scarf covered your bodice. You can covered or hide the wrinkle of your neck under this idea. Within short time you can style the scarf in your neck.

Strip Tie Neck Silk Scarf:

Thin Strip print silk scarf pick up the lady with full green color dressing. Gold chain band on waist for fitted purpose while floral print flap over hand bag she wears on shoulder. Big size sunglasses fully covered the eyes. Silk scarf wrap around the neck with single knot. Long and short length gets the ends of scarf in tie look style. Strip scarf fully covered the neck that best for winter days.

Scarf Wrap Over Shoulder:

In strip dressing your can wrap the silk scarf easily over the shoulder. Square scarf first get in v-shaped then wear on shoulder. In this style your back and front both covered and you can move in relax mood. Classical style of silk scarf quickly can attain without wastage of time and any other help.

Silk Scarf Just Hang In Neck:

If you have no any idea to wear the silk scarf in your neck just hang it. Winter street style is show in above image for your help. With blue color pant dressing white and blue color silk scarf you can wear. You can set the wrap scarf over or inside the collar of long coat. Make one long or other short length of silk scarf and enjoy the long day.

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