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Top Pakistani Actress Who Wear Hijab in Routine

Pakistan is Islamic country who foundation is base on Islam, being a Muslim it out obligation to follow the teaching of Islamic which imply on every Muslim wherever she belong. Hijab is modest Islamic clothing piece that wrap around the heads to cover heads and chest. Here we list out famous Pakistani actress who soon realized the importance of hijab and feel proud to take it. They now seem in hijab. Get inspiration from them and follow their hijab styling to feel good.

Sadia Imam:

Sadia Imam is legendry Pakistani actress and model who devote most of her time for fashion and media. She charming girls like to wear hijab in routine. She say that she adopts hijab when she realized how much hijab has important for Muslim girls. She looks nice in hijab especially when she wear black.

Maya Ali:

Maya Ali is fresh Pakistani drama actress who adopts hijab after gaining popularity from drama”Sheath” in which she wears stylish hijab. Soon her hijab follow by common girls due to their uniqueness. She realized the importance of hijab and wants to make every woman familiar from the elegance of hijab.

Sataeash Khan:

Sataeash Khan wins a corner in drama lover’s heart through her emotional acts. She also nominated as best Pakistani Actress. She left showbiz and bring a change in her personality by wearing hijab. She looks elegant and more attractive in hijab. She feel ashamed when look her past and says thank to Allah for her future life.

Sanam Baloch:

After gain fame from Pakistani Drama Sanam Baloch now serve media as a host.   She hosts morning show and Ramadan transmissions. A Pakistani girl has greater desire to follow her. Her cute face expression becomes more prominent in hijab.  Follow her hijab look to feel special.

Veeena Malik:

Veeena Malik is Pakistani Lollywood actress who also looks at small screen. She also visited to India and work there. Veeena Malik is knows as drama Queen Do funky, sometime ridiculous, acts to captures media attention. After hr marriage she adopts hijab. Now her married life once again comes in controversy that is divorce. Let see what turn takes by Veeena Malik.

Sumbul Iqbal:

Sumbul Iqbal is best model and actress of Pakistan picks up different getup for drama Aik Pal in which she wore hijab with every dress.  Her acting and hijab styling touched the heart of drama lover. Look at these picture commonly show in drama title.

Urooj NAsir:

Urooj NAsir doesn’t need any introduction because she becomes a part of your family. She gains popularity as a host seems in morning show. She stays simple yet stylish every time.   If you look her off the screen she sees you in hijab. Urooj NAsir also run a clothing brand which offer timeless collection if hijab for Muslim girls.

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