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Shawl Hijab Wearing Styles for Young Girls Ideas

Shawl is the rectangular piece of clothing for head wrapping or some time hest or shoulder covering. Shawl hijab idea is the unique idea that can groom up your modern styling.  Now young girls are like hijab warping on their head with unique style. For this purpose they search new method and styles for hijab warping.  In this post solve your problem with shawl hijab warping style step by step.  Let’s try these shawl hijab wearing ideas through these pictures and get marvelous glam on you modern look.

Pleated hijab warping style:

In this image you can see shawl hijab that can wrap around the head and over the chest style.  Abaya with shawl hijab idea bring eye-pleasing hue on your modern wearing ideas with head wrapping style. Top pleated style shawl hijab wrapped around the head and shoulder or chest drapes style with side head pin bending style. This large shawl hijab make comfy your hijab wrapping style with unique style.

Step by step shawl hijab tutorial:

In this image you can see step by step long face hijab tutorial with shawl hijab.

Step 1:

Under hijab cap with shawl draped on head is the first step.

Step 2:

On the second step this shawl hijab can pin up on one shoulder.


Then pin up the hijab on chin.

Step 4:

Shoulder pin up corner wrapped on the other side of head.

Step 5:

Then this side wrapped around the layered on head.

Step 6:

Finally pinup on other side and ready this shawl hijab tutorial.

Pink formal hijab wrapping style:

Here is lovely shawl hijab wrapping idea with their casual outfit style. This lovely chic shawl hijab is wrapped around the head with double layered and pin up style. Firstly shawl hijab can draped on head then wrapped around on pleated style and bind with pins style. It can drape on shoulder or chest with their luxurious hijab wrapping with draping style.

Shawl Hijab wrapping method by tutorial:

Double layer shawl hijab tutorial is seen on this picture.

Step 1:

Under hijab cap with rectangular shawl is draped on head with high low sides.

Step 2:

Short side of shawl hijab is pin up on under hijab cap.

 Step 3:

Long side of shawl is straitening.

Step 4:

This straighten long side of shawl is wrapped with double layer style.

Step 5:

This double layered shawl hijab can style up with chest covering style.

Step 6:

Finally double layered hijab can pin up and give modest look of shawl hijab wrapping idea.

Abaya match shawl hijab wearing look:

Here is wrapping abaya matching shawl hijab bring versatility on their look. Abaya matching shawl hijab is easily wrapped around your head and covered your shoulder and chest. This shawl hijab can wrapped with layering style and groom up their chic formal styling.  this hijab is tightly wrapped on your  head and get amazing glam on your  modern look.  This hijab can carry with their sophisticated style and wrapped around on head with modern styling.

Fancy look hijab wrapping tutorial:

Shawl hijab wrapping style for young girls.

Step 1:

Firstly under hijab cap wear with shawl wrapping around the neck.

Step 2:

After wrapping the neck shawl hijab one corner take pin up other side.

Step 3:

After pin up this hijab can drape on the head with loose styling both side drapes shawl.

Step 4:

After draping the hijab shawl on head, handling both side of the hijab with layering style.

Step 5:

Finally pin up the hijab with center neck warped styling and get sophistication on their look.

Casual shawl hijab wrapping look with abaya:

In this image you can see close up and full pose of the shawl hijab wrapping looks.  Shawl hijab is wrapped on the other side of the head one corner with please style. This lovely hijab can give enchanting hue with their dual shaded abaya looks. Let’s try for your casual routine styling and groom up your casual look with shawl hijab.

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