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Pastel Color Hijab Wrapping Ideas for Formal and Casual Wearing


Pastel colors are soft touch and delicate color shade that can give sophistication on your personality. Pastel hijab bring eye-pleasing glam on their modern styling. Pastel hijab can show elegancy with your modern style outfits. These hijab are perfect for formal and casual wearing. If you can like it then must try for your modern wearing. College and school girls are also like these pastel simple plain hijabs and wear with their modern outfits. If you can like pastel hijab then wear with your formal and informal dressing.

Pastel pink shade hijab with cardigan idea:


Pastel shade head wrapping twisted hijab can give modest charm on their modern style outfit.  Hijab match cardigan and wrapped skirt dressing make impressive their look. Shirt match black under hijab cap can give enchanting charm on their casual wearing. You may also try on your casual styling can and get appealing glam on their modern routine look.

Pastel hijab with matching attire for casual look:



Pastel grey colored hijab can match their romper style outfit with pastel shade upper wearing.  This hijab can wrapped around the head with layered styling and bun knotted style and neck wrapped hijab. College girls are like these pastel casual hijab and wear it their modern style dressing. Dress matching hijab bring eye-pleasing touch on your college going look.


Hijab match cardigan and skirt wearing idea:


Lemon shade Pastel chiffon hijab can match their cardigan and give fabulous charm on their modern look. Pastel green shade pleated skirt can also style up their modern look. You may also try in winter season and get soothing charm with their lemon yellow cardigan and matching hijab.  Head wrapping with front layered style modern hijab can complete their modern Islamic look.  Chain wrapping leather bag can allure their styling.

Pastel hijab with coral gown wearing idea:

Layered head wrapping hijab can give sophistication on their formal look.  Coral shade silky long floor length abaya can paired with their pastel shoulder length hijab. High heeled pointy pumps can get heighten charm on their modern styling. So let’s try on your formal going and get charming touch on their modern wearing look.

Silk pastel lacy hijab design:


Lacy edge silk pastel hijab can allure their modern look. In winter season I can get multi functional charm as cover up your coo wind and complete their Islamic values.  On grey sweater this stylish pastel hijab make impressive their look. So you may also try on formal winter parties’ ad get eye-pleasing glam on your modern styling.

Elegant pastel neck wraps hijab:


Head and neck wrapped pastel simple plain hijab can get astonishing charm on their modern wearing look. Under hijab cap style neck wrapped hijab can paired with their full sleeveless button down side flap pockets style shirt and plated ankle length skirt dress.  Peep toe high heeled pumps can also complete their formal look and give enchanting touch on their modern styling.

Pastel hijab for school girls:


Pastel colored plated style wrapping hijab is perfect for school going girl.  This simple but stylish pastel hijab wearing style can get center of attention on other school girls. Their checkered uniform can also look gorgeous with their stylish hijab wearing style.  If you are school going girl ten must try for their impressive look.

Decent look pastel hijab style:


Pastel shade chiffon hijab can get charming touch on their hijab wearing style.  Lace edge with neck wrapped chest covering hijab can show elegancy on their modern hijab wearing idea.  Decent girls are like this style hijab and cover their head and front body with his sophsitcted pastel hijab and bring versatility on their wearing look.
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