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Long Open Tunic with Hijab Fashion for Trendy Ladies

Long open tunic and Hijab is this season trend. Trendy girls like to wear tunic with eel shoes and sunglasses in which functional look beauty of that appear. Uniform style also shows up when you wear tunic with matching Hijab and clutch. In this tunic with Hijab fashion outfit you can impress others. The perfect tunic dress style you need to add heel shoes, Hijab, clutch sunglasses and necklace and after these rich beauty of you will emerged.

Look below for more images and their detail!

Pink Open Tunic & Golden Hijab:

Make up your cute beauty in long open style tunic and Hijab. Pink color tunic with under white dressing make perfect look. Golden Hijab blush and wear in cris cross style. Show your beaded necklace easily under this Hijab style. Make your lips red that present love beauty of you. Nude ballet shoes best suited for you in winter season or summer. Carry Hijab matching clutch for personal storage.

Dual Color Tunic with Matching Nude Hijab:

Professional style you can get with dual color split tunic that wear the lady with white skinny jeans. Open toe t-style ankle belt wedge heel shoes best define the trendy lady long height.  Nude color Hijab and black color sunglasses suit on round shape face of lady. In split tunic one leg become nude with other fully covered. Printed thick brown color clutch you can easily hold in your hand.

High And Low Tunic with Z-Style Hijab:

Most modern style gets the lady with high and low tunic dress. Front zip tunic attire the lady with leather black belt. High heel pointy pumps you can match with your tights. In z-style Hijab you neck covered and you can slip sunglasses top of head. Other will much inspired when see you in this trendy fashion look. Front zip design tunic dress help in easy wear while heel pumps make your modern girl.

Lacy Black Tunic with Maroon Hijab:

Warmth feels in black tunic that always makes your personality decent. Sleeveless lacy tunic wears the lady with under long sleeve white shirt. With black trouser and long tunic you can easily wear maroon heel pumps. Big size black sunglasses are fit in neck wrap maroon Hijab. Open style long tunic body is stitch with lace fabric while bottom length with sheer.

Peach Chiffon Tunic with Layered Hijab:

In chiffon tunic you remain fresh and feel cool expression. With nude color under loose fit waist length shirt long and open style tunic wear the lady. Skinny blue jeans and strappy heel sandals are also make perfect contras. Trendy girl get tote bag, heel, Hijab, and sunglasses all are in one color that mix and match with peach and blue. Sunglasses and big size hand bag are needed accessories for summer days.

Leopard Print Tunic with Blue Hijab:

For animal lover ladies leopard print tunic will be surprise idea. She can wear it with denim jeans and blue Hijab. Z-style Hijab best suited in hot days and you live relax. Peach lace flat boots you can enjoy in dark color dressing. Open tunic make clear look of brown bodice fit top. Blue color bag get the lady inspired to Hijab color. Chiffon tunic has long length with flare style.

Collared Neck Tunic With Hijab:

In above image lady look cute in open front topcoat long sleeve tunic. Under open style collared neck long tunic she wear orange and white color shirt that match with Hijab. White color under cap covered the forehead completely. Heel pump best define the full length of tunic and loose fit trouser. For every day wear this one tunic dress and Hijab style best suited for you.

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