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Layer Tunic and Hijab Outfit in Turkish Style


Hijab masked staple for Muslim girls styling. It’s symbol of elegance and modesty in Islamic countries. Islamic teaching strictly emphasis over hijab wearing. Women can’t wear hijab go out from circle of Islam.

Whatever fashions you adopt don’t forget about hijab covering. Abaya and hijab are modest clothing type show delicacy on individuality of Muslim women. Modern girls believe on modernity. That’s why they prefer modern attire than tradition abaya and outerwear.

Tunic is one o the influential clothing types get famed from Turkish girls closest. Incredibly stylish and elegant tunic top and dress make distinctive outfit with hijab. Tunic is in timeless style introduced by different brand and clothing companies.

Today we are going to unleash most favorite tunic type richly spotted in fashion. Layer tunic, undoubtedly, become bigger inspiration for fashion lovers.

Dual color layer tunic:

2 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (7)

Unique color combinations must draw attention. Black chiffon details seem awesome over orange high-low tunic. Turkish united chiffon details layered tunic make excellent outfit with flared bell style jeans and golden silk hijab wrapping. It’s good opinion for office or working out styling.

White layer tunic with neon details:

3 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (13)

Brighten-up summer closets by bringing your favorite tunic top with neon details. White and neon pink look flawless. Feel true  charm in united details chiffon tunic, zip insert high low tunic, pink cropped pant, blue hijab, fancy clutch, statement beaded necklace and  printed pointy toe heels make effortless outfit for day party look.

Pastel color layer tunic:

4 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (15)

Dual color and double layered tunic permit head-turning appeal to trendy ladies. Pastel pink topper is in high-low style while inner layer is in shift dress style. You can wear it with cropped pant and skinny jeans. Don’t forget to choose high heels especially pointy toe pumps. Cinched flare sleeve double layer dress give compliment for statement styling.

Stunning layer tunic:

5 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (16)

Intricately layer united chiffon tunic also design in two colors. Neutral combination makes it perfect attire for year around styling. Chiffon details tunic, blue scarf, cropped pant and stiletto heel selected for daylight outfit. Stylish and comfortable tunic draws attentions due to individual hem and sleeves designs.

Neon pink tunic for summer:

6 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (4)

Gorgeous pink and ivory color united Şifon details tunic make you amazed both in look and feel. Midi length high low hem tunic has short white sheath dress beneath it. It’s good deal to add dimensions in styles. High neck fitted full sleeve looks fabulous with blue bottoms, ombre hijab and double necklace layering.

Layer tunic with detail combination:

7 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (12)

Freshen up summer style with sunkissed yellow tunic top. Are you ready to feel wonderful when come in sun? Dress up yellow double layer tunic with denim skinny, pastel green pumps and gradient green hijab,  you must love with color combinations.

Chiffon details tunic:

8 alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (14)

Notable and luxurious tunic polishes feminine personality very well. Perfect coloring, suitable accessories matching gives flawless outcome only when you choose adorable dress is right style. Full sleeve and high neck chiffon detailed tunic paired with white trouser, nude ballets and golden hijab permit remarkable party look. Double layer tunic consist on white short top and front open jacket
alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (1) alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (2) alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (3) alluring layred tunic abaya with hijab (6)

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