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How to Wear Square Hijab in Perfect Way

Hijab are Islamic attire that covered head best ways to show modesty and delicacy of Muslim women. Hijab can easy wear that bring grace and soberness in girls styling. Simple hijab are symbol of simplicity and elegance. Hijab are in timeless styles vary in scarf styles, cultures and fabric. Basically hijab are in square and rectangular shapes. Square hijab are appealing and trendiest scarf style yet it tricky to wrap square hijab as it difficult to handle and more complicated then rectangular hijab.


Prior to wearing square hijab firstly first choose a square scarf that wary in different colors, textures, prints, and fabrics.


Silk, chiffon, cotton, cashmere, voile and tulle scarves are in timeless styles that bring grace and softness in girls styling. Silk, chiffon and cotton hijab is right for spring styling. While wood, jersey and cashmere scarf pick for winter and fall styling.


Solid, stripes, polka dotted, animal, floral, vine, and abstract printed head scarves are in playful styles that may selected with outfits style.


While you going to wear hijab fist check that you have all essential accessories that necessary for covering hijab to grip it tightly. Here we needed these hijab accessories for wrapping hijab.

Square scarf

Hijab pin


Head cap

Hijab jewelry if any

How to wear square hijab without pins


First wear matching head cap   that it fully cover hairs.

Fold square hijab to bring it in triangular shape.

Place scare on head in a way that it has one longer side in other in smaller just reached under the chin.

Pick longer side and wrap just behind your head and bring in other side e.

Let the scarf behind the head and at the shoulder that it nicely covers chest and back.

How to wear pin up a hijab


Just cover hairs with head cap as you do in above method.

Fold square to shape triangle.

Set square scarf on head with one longer and other shorter side.

Pin down one edge with head cap and grab it in short end.

Now bring it behind the head to other side and pin it.

Garbs long end and bring it over the head while covering the chest just like shown in above picture.

Highly versatile hijab wearing


Fix scarf on head by pin the side that both edges have equal length.

Take one side and wrap around the neck as done in step 2.

Pin first side where it ends juts back of the head.

Left other side in front side in attractive layered style.


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