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How to Wear Hijab with Niqab

Hijab with Niqab Style in Islamic Look


Today hijab trend in women become famous. How she can cover their face with hijab in Niqab look is another new step. In this article we taught you the Niqab with hijab tutorial .personalize your personality under Niqab and keep you hide from others. Fashion look also will develop under hijab with Niqab idea. Now dear scroll down the page ad see step by step hijab with Niqab appearance.



  1. At first step you wear the inner and then make triangle shape of hijab. Keep care that hijab one side is longer than other.
  2. Now turn the both side on back neck and pin up with safety pin.
  3. Take the best side.
  4. Pick up the best side and come in opposite direction.
  5. Now make pin on your cloth with hijab.
  6. Still the same is doing with other side of hijab in opposite direction.
  7. Take the remaining fabric on back and turn on front to make Niqab.


Dear for your best learning we try to make clear attention of you on image with number of steps. Short description just give you hint.


Pink color hijab with Niqab idea is best suited. You can also enjoy forehead jewelry with pink hijab. Tightly pin up the Niqab with double layer hijab idea.


Hijab with Niqab you can not only for causal wearing. Bridal also can wear the hijab with Niqab when she makes pray for their new life. White color dress matching hijab make interesting look on your beauty.



With you black abaya black hijab cover your face. I this way you can keep yourself safe from men flash eyes. Loose fitting from neck keep easy and comfort you.



Printed hijab give cool and fresh look beauty of you every time. Under hijab you wear the hijab cap to cover your forehead as eyes. In summer season lawn or cotton hijab are best suited.


Maroon color hijab make bright look when you wearing with your light color dressing. Pin up the hijab in night mood that it doesn’t make lose and disturb you.

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