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How to Enjoy Innocent Thin Strip Hijab Fashion


Thick or thin strip remain always part of innocent trend. Trendy girls like it to wear with shirt, skirt, pant or hijab. In your boring plain outfit you can add life just with strip print hijab. Thin strip print mostly makes perfect attraction with plain top. It can wear in any style and in any season. Regular style makes you famous in your group. Thin strip print design on cotton, jersey, silk and streak fabric. Let’s go and enjoy for every day beauty look!

Chunky Gray & Black Strip Hijab:


You need to wear hijab as a Muslim lady. It covered your hair and forehead which your innocent personality explores. Gray and black thin strip layered hijab enjoy the youngest lady with top sunglasses. If you wear blue and black color skirt dressing strip hijab selection will be perfect.  Casually you can wear the hijab with any hair style and look.

Innocent Black & White Hijab:


Clean white and hot black is always the best combination. You can pick up the strip hijab with black trouser and white top. Fringe tassel on hijab feel soft when you wear with white color top. Cotton fabric hijab helps in easy wrapping around the neck. Strip of hijab come on top while check print hang on shoulder.

Lime Green Color Strip Hijab:


Lime green color woven viscose fabric hijab feel soft on skin. Colored strip with blue and nude cap give elegant accent to lady. Thin streaks of metallic gold show shimmering expression. Easily wrap the strip hijab with genius frayed ends. Due to colored strips you can wear the hijab in so many ways and styles. Your face will glow when you wear thin strip metallic lining hijab.

 Like & Bright Silk Hijab:


Bright color silk hijab pick up the lady with embroidery lace collar coat. Under the scarf black color head cap tightly hold it on head. Silk fabric always gives shimmering expression. In cris cross style modern lady make silk hijab style. Elegant face beauty of lady makes it impressive or attractive personality. Golden, black, brown and white thin strip hijab allow you to wear with other any color outfit that found in hijab.

Strip Print Hijab Political  Fashion:


Political personality of lady emerged under round style hijab. Chiffon fabric thin strip hijab feel comfort on face when you wear. Black color head cap need to wear for covered the hair. Enjoy cool winter days with black coat and white black color combination strip print hijab. Fair beauty of you appear with black sunglasses and red lips.

Rich Blue Strip Print Hijab:


Royal blue color always introduce with your rich beauty. White thin strips mix in blue and give uniform beauty accent to lady.   Jersey fabric is used for strip print design that should wear with plain outfit. Once you decided that wear thin strip hijab keep care in selection of dress. Your dress comes in plain form with strip print hijab.

Pink & Black Strip Hijab:


Does black and pick hijab not give pretty look of lady? What’s your thinking about these color combination, but I love with these color. Perfect strip print hijab with under black cap can wear with plain top and floral print skirt. The great opportunity with these strip print head cover is that you can add other your favorite color.
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