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Winter Fashion of Hijab & Abaya’s in Black Lace Style with Jersey and Silk

Hijab and abaya is the complete coverings lose fitted Muslim attire. This attire fulfills the Islamic demands. Muslim women wore this attire outdoor travelling. Hijab is the head wrapping garment. Abaya is the body covering full long gown.

There are various ideas of hijab and abaya for winter fashion.  These abaya‘s are save for cool wind in winter season. These abaya’s are made with luxurious and cozy fabrics. These hijab and abaya’s are perfect in winter season.

There are skirt style abaya with hijab, maxi style abaya with cap style hijab, long flare abaya, and A-line style abaya with Z-style hijab, angrakha style, belt style, panel style abaya with twisted hijab, platted style and frock style abaya with dupatta style hijab.

These all abaya’s are lacy. These are designed by stones, beaded, and sequin embellishment. These are made up with jersey, silk, satin and sheer fabrics. These all abaya’s and hijabs are suitable in winter seasons because it is full covered.

As a whole entire collection of hijab and abaya’s are looking fabulous. These all abaya’s are the master piece of winter collection.

abaya and hijab  fashion

Abaya design with stone work

Amara Abaya

Amazing abaya design ideas

Black color lace style abaya design ideas for modern women

fabulous abaya design ideas for stunning women

fashion luxury long sleeve chiffon lace abaya design

Full balck abaya design ideas

Full long black abaya

Lace style abaya

Style and Trends for Hijab Abaya

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