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Latest Trend Abaya and Hijab with Matching Clutch

Fashion women want change in this look with passage of time. Its latest trend here we share with you abaya and Hijab with matching clutch. With this cute look you can attend parties, go to office and school. Modern style abaya and Hijab perfectly match with clutch.

Decent personality of women creates with matching clutch that their essential need. Variety of clutch can also hand in shoulder and are light weight. Abaya and Hijab is Muslim dress cover you from head to toe and complete your look with matching hand carry. Look below!

Red Abaya & Hijab with Tiny Clutch:

Party wears fresh red color abaya pair with fringe Hijab and tiny clutch. One sleeve and neckline of red abaya tailored with golden lace that prominent in floor length abaya. Stud clutch is easy to carry in hand in evening party.

Eye-catch beauty appeal the red abaya make far look of women. Wedge heel shoes best suited with long red abaya matching with neckline, and clutch.

Black Abaya with Matching Clutch & Hijab:

Modern look of lady become with black abaya and Hijab. Floral print fresh green Hijab matching flap over clutch add rich expression in your personality. Long sleeve and button neck black abaya fitting with waist tie. Under black and green contras you can attend the evening parties and can impress people. How catch the abaya and Hijab matching clutch follow the image.

White Hijab with Black Abaya and Clutch:

Academic girls or working women copy image style make with abaya and Hijab with matching clutch. Big size slim fit clutch best suited to make office document storage. During winter white blazer also fit over black abaya. Decent look of you in abaya and Hijab with matching clutch always grab people attention. Gold stud embellished clutch made with soft leather.

Green Abaya and Hijab with Matching Clutch:

Luxurious lace trim green abaya is my favorite choice complete with matching Hijab and clutch. I find one piece long length dress covered your body figure and feel relax on busy road. Lace fitted sleeve abaya tailored with hidden zip closure. Green Hijab edge decorates with fringe tassel. Quality leather bag is easy to carry with top holder and open with stud button.

Ivory Hijab with Matching Abaya and Clutch:

Attend a special party or business meeting with ivory Hijab over peach abaya and matching clutch. Chiffon pleated neckline peach abaya comfortable feel. Awesome look long slim fit light weight clutch get with long sleeve chiffon abaya. Peach and white is soft contras to wear in summer and live relax.

Rose Pink Abaya and Hijab with Clutch:

Lovely rose pink floral lace embellished tulle abaya is Muslim bridal dress. Long fitted sleeve flare style abaya match with silk Hijab and clutch. Other will much impress with your luxury personality if you attend parties in blush pink tulle abaya wear with matching Hijab and clutch. Long length flare abaya give easy walk in heel shoes and blush your pretty look.

Gabbana Abaya with Hijab and Clutch:

Gabbana design metallic gold floral print black abaya may be your dream. Exclusive design long sleeve and front open style abaya pair with gold clutch, black Hijab and heel shoes. Gold print abaya with matching Hijab and clutch is modern look of lady that show-out your life style. Loose fit and long length abaya cover you from head to toe and you feel relax.

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