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Girls Trend- Hijab Fashion in Malaysia


Malaysia is beautiful place have greater attraction for tourist. You can look a huge variety of fashion on Malaysian street as trendy Malaysian girls adopt modern fashion trends especially they bring newness in Islamic styling. Hijab is modest and essential Islamic covering that staple in each region.  Malaysian women look in cool and chic outfits also with hijab layering. They frequently change their wardrobes as new fashion introduces.  Malaysian teenagers and women are conscious for they styling, young girls mostly follow famous personalities and adopt their style.  There is lot of verity in Malaysia hijabs fashion. They let abayas and jalabia and bring versatility through hijab, top, trouser and skirts.  Malaysia girls are more advance then other Muslim women. They adopts western culture and don’t feel hesitations in showing off. Here we bring fewest Malaysia hijab fashion style. Look must if you are looking for trendy and statement hijab.

Statement Hijab Look with Trendy Outfit:


Famous Malaysian entrepreneur Vivy Sofinas Yusof who posted her snapshot on instagram that was a strategy to upgrade her business.  She looks gorgeous and more stylish in simple green top and black hijab. This one is first attempt not last. After that she looks in different look one of them is here just above. Beige top, black skirt and navy blue chiffon hijab along with nude color bisht caftan give her distinctive charm.

Stunning Malaysian Hijab


Hot oink chiffon crafted voluminous hijab layered over matching color head cap. It’s cool and inviting read-to-wear hijab for modish ladies.  Crystal embellished brooch and pearls adornment increase its charm. Malaysian hijabs are really super edgy addition in women closets. You can choose this hijab for parties and formal events.

Malaysian Street in Hot Pink Hijab:


Malaysian streets are real spot of Islamic fashion as you fine huge verity of style which adopts form different cultures. Malaysian women get inspiration from tourist and bring statement charm in their personalities yet Malaysian women also become an inspiration for tourist, their idealist hijab look with traditional or western outfits make them surprised, sometimes tend them to pick that one. Malaysian woman in navy blue coat wearing pink color hijab in duck scarf styling looking beautiful. That cools way to rock street styling.

Malaysian Duck Scarf


Duck scarf is Malaysian most popular scarf wearing styling lunched in 2014. Trendy girls say warmth welcome to this gorgeous and eye-pleasing scarf style. Duck scarf is high-end scarf brand which introduces stunning scarves with grabs attention of modish hijab-wearer.  It lifestyle brand bring artsy charm in modern women styling. This hijab is easier to give trendy look.

Floral Hijab With Skirt:


This  one is eye-pleasing and opulent kuala lumpur street style look in which  a cute girl wear purple color high waisted  skirt, monochromic top,  beige blazer and  pink ting floral printed herd scarf. This attracts both Muslim and non Muslim women.

 Modern Hijab Styling With Western Outfits:


Another splendid and impeccable Malaysian fashion looks that grabbing attention of modish girls.  Long flowing skirt in grey along with black top and printed hijab, silk printed scarf in tie in unusual way that looks awesome.  Golden hand clutch and statement necklace add glistering glow.

Trendy Jilbab With Hijab Covering:


Siti Nurhaliza in bright yellow and turquoise hijab is famous Malaysian singer who attended her orchestra concert in Dewan. She picked this glamorous hijab with jilbab. Its highlight her prettiest charm an bring modest touch in her personality.


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