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Chiffon Maxi Abaya with Hijab Look


Dear as you know summer season is coming soon with color vibrant and flower fragrance. Everyone looks fresh and happy in loose and light dressing. Modish women that pick up the abaya also want to buy new one for summer season. Floral maxi style abaya in fit and flare form will best suited with plain Hijab. Casual look beauty emerged under floral maxi dress with Hijab combination. How you look and which style of Hijab is best suited on floral maxi dress enjoy here.


In above one image trendy girl dress up the floral maxi dress with matching red color Hijab. Ball bottom sleeve are makeover with floor length abaya. Your bodies features hidden under the dress and you can easily go outdoors. Same floral waist belt you can use for fitted purpose.


Floral maxi dress in light color is best suited for hot season. Gold thin belt make shimmering look on waist of abaya dress. For advance look you can wear the plain blazer over the maxi dress. Baby-pink color Hijab with head cap covers your forehead and hair. Chiffon fabric utilize in stitching the floral maxi outfit.


Black and white contras become popular trend among the women. She quickly picks up these two color contras for casual and formal wearing. Under black color women fairness will glow. Floral maxi dress is design with waist plated form. You can wear skin color Hijab with black pointed toe shoes.


Other women not harry up can understand your maxi dress styling. Floral printed dressing offer you to enjoy blue fitted sleeve. You feel highly comfortable and relax under maxi dress. You can impress other in plain Hijab look with floral print dress. Waist belt become necessary item with maxi dress. Always buy the belt that make sparkling beauty on printed dress.


Black printed dress slightly touches the floor and your toe. Street styling fashion look in printed maxi dress and Hijab make best selection. Silk belted offer you to make fitting of the dress. You can carry matching Black Hand bag with golden chan. Under black dressing you can become the attractive personality.


Muslim women dignity show under the full body covering dressing. Color contras have more effect on your personality when you want to buy the Hijab. Blue and red floral dressing with white Hijab gives sober look. Instant glowing looks cute and lovely look develop under floral maxi dress and Hijab.


Light color selection in summer season keep you cool and energetic long time. Working women and college girls can get idea of floral maxi dress. They need to best looking that makes best effect on their personality according to their working. In comfort dressing women can do their working effetely.


Floral maxi dress with Hijab trend is not only for summer trend. Winter season is also best suited for modish girl to wear the maxi dress and Hijab that show their dignity. Jeans blazer over the red and black maxi dress gives warmth feelings. Red Hijab makes lovely and attractive glam on your look.


You can make easy selection and take more ideas from more images that are below share with you. Scroll down the page and pick up the summer style with abaya and Hijab.


image017 image018


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