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Best Way to Wear Earring with Hijab

Fashion is limitless. It has neither language nor religion. Everyone has freedom to adopt fashion what she like. It becomes general perception that girls won’t wear earring who wrap hijab because their face and neck totally covered under scarf. You can wear earring unless wrap hijab or not.

Real matter is how we wear earrings with hijab and what suits well. Earring wearing with hijab is best way to get change and up-to-date look. You need more attentions about hijab styling when you want to wear earring. Long drop, liners, chandelier and tassel earring are best option for round face girls.

Stylish earring with turban hijab:

Mostly it says opt to accessories that speak about your personality. Try regular sized drop earring if you are not interested in elongate details. Turban hijab is most recommended hijab type for earring wearing. It fit well with edgy non-traditional attires.

Beaded earring with hijab:

Statement stud earring is fabulous option for fashion-forward ladies especially those belong to corporate business. Turban hijab and statement earring are awesome way to polish style.

Big hoop earring:

Hoop earring is ingenious jewelry choice to wear with hijab. It look fabulous either you tack it in hijab or bring it out for visible coverage. Side knot hijab that wrap over head cap or headband is perfect for soothing look. Gold hoop earring and leafy head wraps jewelry are awesome details for special event celebrations.

Sparkly drop earring:

Follow your favorite fashion blogger Lena to know secrets of wearing earring with hijab. Try to match earring with lip gel palette if you dress-up neutral hijab purple stone drop earring really look flawless with soft grey hijab.

Dangling earring with intricate hijab:

Lock style if you wondering for intricate hijab inspiration. Stylish hijab with chain drop earring is best option to create twist. Yellow earring wears to pinch funky-chic flair to get bold look in Marsala dress and beige hijab.

Two tone hijab with loop earring:

Keep hijab looks as simple as front to wear earrings. You can give style at back and head with intricate, knots, loops and layering effects. Set hijab away from ear lobule to wear earring. Loop earring is festive pair with hijab that will keep eyes on you.

Jhumki earrings with layered hijab:

Accessories hijab look with fashionable traditional jewelry. Golden glittery hijab glimpse finish with polki tikka and tiered jhumki earrings.

Hijab contrast color tassel earring:

Get cool and ingenious looks by coordinating black long tassel earring with criss-cross wrap inner neck hijab. Black elongate earring makes festive contrast with pink.

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