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Al-Amira Two Pieces Hijab for Women

Hijab is Islamic clothing attire which permits Muslim women to show their modesty and respect. Al-Amira also known as El-Emira who tracks out hijabs needs of hijab clothing in western counties especially in Europe. Al-Amira introduced classic and stylish two pieces princess hijab for Muslim women live in west.

Al-Amira become more iconic brand in middles east countries designs gorgeous jersey, cotton and lacy hijab with embroidery and beaded edge embellishment. Al-Amira designs large and small under scarf hijab that comfort Muslim women to wear hijab.

Peach pink single easy to wear hijab bring simplicity in hijab style. These hijabs wears designs for teenagers as well as ladies. Stretchy polyester hijabs give smooth and soft feel. Graphic stretchy polyester white and black hijab designs for trendiest girls who want something unique and stylish.  Al-Amira two pieces hijab in white head cape and navy blue jersey wrapping hijab look gorgeous with gold sequin embellishment. Al-Amira offer brighter and glowing color hijab for muslin girls.


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