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5 Steps by Step Hijab Style for Round Face

As earlier we share number of Hijab style with you but Hijab tutorial for round face is best one among all of them. Pretty girls that have round shape face can try these steps and make over their face look great. They become stress full when lots of Hijab style sees confusion seriously create that which style best suited. Now you need not to disturb your mind and don’t waste time in searching the best style for round face. Here we familiarized and taught you which style is best and ever glow your face.

Polka Dot Hijab:


1: pick up the polka dot chiffon Hijab and place on your head with long and short end.

2: Place the short end of Hijab to opposite direction and pinup under the other long end.

3: Now pick up the long end.

4: wrap long end of polka dot Hijab around your head with pin or bronchi’s.

Green Color Hijab for Round Face:


Round face Hijab style is so easy and timeless creation when you want to go outside the home. Pick up these steps and make over the Hijab to enjoy new face look.

1: at first step of round face Hijab tutorial war the Hijab with long and short end.

2: use small pin at one side for securing purpose.

3: now pick up the short corner of Hijab and laying it on the opposite side shoulder for make over the neck.

4: now at fourth step place the long side of Hijab and pin up on the head top.

The final look of Hijab you can enjoy without any disturbance.

Pink Color Hijab:


1: make both sides equal of pink Hijab.

2: pin up the center of Hijab under your chin and take the one side over your chest.

3: this side of Hijab pins up on the head top.

4: center of Hijab you can use for covering the chest.

5: last corner of chest covering side hold on your shoulder with pin.

6: at this step lay down the Hijab corner in opposite direction.

7: now the final look of Hijab make over.

Top Knotted Hijab Style:

Top knotted Hijab style is best one for summer season. Cold and freeze feelings emerged under top knotted Hijab tutorial. Follow these images for trying the Hijab.

1: at top first stage of top knotted Hijab style wear the width of Hijab over the head and pin up at back of head.

2: take the long end and twist it. After that wear the twist around the back and lay down on shoulder front.

3: make a hole on top of head.

4: pull out the twist under the hole.

5: now the left side of Hijab wrap around the head.

6: the final look show of the top knotted Hijab.

Pashmina Hijab:


Pashmina printed Hijab look so amazing on your fair skin tone. Attractive and charm look beauty inspire others. Enjoy these steps for fabulous beauty.

1: wear the Hijab on your head and make two ends with equal length, pin up the Hijab under your chin.

2: now pick up the one side and wrap over your head and cover with pin.

3: in their step take the other end and it’s also wear on your head with chest covering.

4: Last stage of rapping style Hijab show on your round face.

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