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“The First International Modest Fashion Week” Hitting Istanbul Railway Station


The First International Modest Fashion Week is recently held in Istanbul. Management selected may 13 for this mega show which provided a sport to young designer and models exhibit their talent. Models confidently walk over railway platform wearing conservative outfits of different designer, this event is organized just for two day but it makes it place in trendy women hearts.  Historic train station “The Haydarpasa railway station” is real fascination which hitting the fashion week.


Spring hues, breezy fabric, and delicate details look on ramp.  Kaleidoscopic headscarf and breezy designer dress is statement outfit which grabs audients attention. Istanbul is capital city of turkey attracts tourist for its playful and marvelous sense and location. Now the international modest fashion week   becomes another attraction for fashionary girls.


In this fashion week designers tried to inspired fashionary girls that they look modest in   stylish and modern outfits along with hijabs. Malaysian fashion designer Hazizul Abd Aziz said while taking about   fashion “in, fashion we have the mainstream fashion line and the modest fashion line”. Istanbul is biggest fashion market known from textile which is top reason that everyone trying to cash from this mega fashion week.


Prime chignon, stylish embellished headscarf and turbans are exclusively designs for unveiled women.  Earthy toned tunics, floral dresses. Grandiose gowns and abayas   look on ramp with shimmer, colorful and textured hijabs.


Mariah Idrissi, Dina Tokio, Haneefah Adam, Fatema-Al-Awadhi, Indah Nada Puspita, Samah Safi Bayazid   also attend this conversational international fashion week show. Bright color, long flowing dresses in floral, embroidered and other embellishment looking gorgeous.   More the 40 designer showcased their collection which designer with dominated themes.  Indonesian, Malaysian, UAE, German and Turkish fashion designers scattered colors and style to ensure a modest look in modern outfits.

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