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Easy Care Flare Abaya Design

Fab flare abaya give slim beauty to all women. Muslim women long flare dress can pair with hijab, shoes and hand bag. In our collection casual to party style flare abaya include. Colorful floral lace and ivory flare abaya are the top style to become attractive. Fit and flare abaya keep relax in any season. Some flare abaya are stitched with slit pocket, long sleeve and waist belt. Get more look of flare abaya from below!

Plain Gray Flare Abaya:

Take it gray flare abaya featuring long sleeve, button neck, slit pockets, and waist belt. Muslim girl flare abaya groom up their body features and show them very attractive. With gray abaya she wears blush fringe hijab in z-style with under head cap. Hijab matching leather handbag you should pick up to complete her nice look. In this flare abaya look you can go to enjoy picnic party near beach side.

Flare Abaya with Gray Hijab:

Every wardrobe need a flare abaya in any solid color to dress up when step out. You look very smart in flare abaya tailored with long sleeve and bust fitting. Flare abaya don’t indicate your body figure and show you well personality. Full length flare abaya wear with deep gray hijab and black heel. It is very simple style to gear up soft and sleek flare abaya.

Black Flare Abaya:

The above image black flare abaya is impressive due to white embellishment on shoulder and it waist. Kaftan style flare abaya wear with matching hijab show Muslim women dignity. Sleeve of black abaya are stitch with sequin fabric while front and black is plain. Floor length black abaya is flawless so you can select and not more think about it. Waist pleated design of Muslim dress make it flare.

Flared Jersey Abaya:

Grey abaya jersey fabric keep cool in summer and warm up the body during winter. Stretchable gray flare abaya fit on all body and can wear all young and old ladies. Long sleeve and round neck flare abaya combine with brown chiffon hijab. Pick up your Black Hand bag with your gray flare abaya. You become slim in jersey flare abaya that is affordable.

Party Style Flare Abaya:

Gorgeous floral lace top attach with black flare abaya. Functional look flare abaya give luxury appearance with colorful top. With this party abaya you should wear high heel shoes. Black hijab trim with fabric flowers to make it fancy and match with flare abaya. If you like sequin then make flare abaya in this. Rich beauty of you becomes in floral top and sequin flare abaya.

Flared Khaki Abaya:

Inspire your look in flared khaki abaya stitch with drop and bust pockets. Long sleeve of abaya can fold up to become stylish and waist belt also embossed in khaki flared abaya. Army green chiffon hijab is perfect combination for ankle length abaya. Enjoy taller personality in nude pump heel shoes. Cat walk become easy in flare long abaya so you can choose it.

Flare Lace Abaya:

Ivory floral lace flare abaya wear young girl in above image with black heel and whit scarf. Fit and flare lace abaya tailored with plain lining to cover up the figure. Ankle length lace abaya you can style in day parties with light makeup. Simple style hijab is easy to wear with flare abaya. Floral lace abaya is unique idea from all other Muslim dresses.


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