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Decent Look Printed Flare Abaya with Plain Hijab Ideas


Printed flare abaya with plain hijab is today Muslim women fashion. Decent look of women become in abaya dress if wear with complete accessories. Due to Muslim color in printed abaya you can choose any color for plain abaya and other heel and clutch.

Printed abaya are design with full sleeve, and flare bottom. You can style printed abaya with plain hijab in parties. High low printed abaya and silk pleated are luxurious look. Look below!

Printed Abaya & Silk Hijab:

Colorful printed long length flare abaya stitch with baby collar neckline, and cuff sleeve. Fabric belt is embossed on waist of abaya in knot style. Modern girl silk hijab wear in z-style match with waist belt. Print flare abaya with plain hijab is latest trend can enjoy all working ladies. Chic look create in your personality with printed abaya and plain hijab.

Tie Dye Printed Abaya with Silk Hijab:

Full length flare abaya is Muslim women fashion to hidden body figure. Fitted sleeve mutli color abaya perfectly match with blush pink silk hijab. Long fabric wears on head in various styles so you should choose best one suit on your face. Thin leather belt on waist used to give fitting to bodice of abaya. It party design print abaya and plain hijab complete with heel shoes.

Silk Printed Abaya:

Silk flare abaya decorate with floral and check print and elegant style to wear in parties. Fit and flare design printed abaya high light with plain fabric collar, sleeve cuff and waist belt. Big size sunglasses set over Chocolate color hijab that show luxurious life style. Printed silk abaya and hijab should pair with stiletto heel shoes.

Elegant Printed Abaya & Chiffon Hijab:

Luxe beauty can achieve with floral printed waist pleated full length abaya. Party style abaya adorn with chiffon layer style hijab adorn with head band. Thin leather belt also visible on waist pleated of printed abaya. It is right idea to cover body figure and still look attractive. No dark makeup use after wear printed abaya with plain hijab just you should draw lips in red.

Multi Color Printed Abaya:

Chic floral printed Muslim dress combine with ivory hijab. Flirty abaya best suited to go on beach side. Airy features printed abaya create eye catch impression in your look. Wear your hijab with hijab pin or brooch to save it from beach air. Nice looking colorful print on white abaya in which decent personality of women glow. Plated abaya with matching hijab is casual wear.

White Floral Print Abaya:

I love with black and white floral printed abaya because it gives me good feelings. In fit and flare abaya your expression show you are well dress. Working ladies promotion chances will be increase if they dress up perfect Muslim dress with hijab. Black hijab with printed abaya also play importance role in showing your face beauty. Teen girl want printed abaya with plain hijab.

Red Floral Abaya:

Street style floral printed abaya wear with matching chiffon hijab. Ankle strap kitten heel shoes flap over clutch complete your look. You can quickly copy the floral print abaya with hijab to live comfortable. You think what color tight or trouser should wear than we tell you it should be plain and match with abaya.

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