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2017-2018 Latest Abaya Trends for Hijabies

Abaya is conventional clothing complement in Muslim woman wardrobe. Abaya outfit ensure enough modesty rather than modern hijab wears. Modern fashion designer introduces timeless collection of abaya which enable you to style within boundaries prescribe in Qurans. Main reason of abaya layering is to cover whole body to gain respects.

Woman in abaya outfit feel freedom and more safety from evil eyes. Abaya is outerwear that dresses up over routine outfit. These cover up tailored in loose fitting and elongate lengths. Cardigan, kimono and long jacket style abaya are popular in fashion. Here we dispatch some favorite abaya looks that you can carry in current and upcoming year.

Lace- belted abaya:

Double up style by wearing abaya in double layers. Pullover long maxi style abaya in windowpane plaid wear beneath French floral lace kimono. Belted lace abaya are perfect for edgy street t party-ready styling.

Peach lace abaya:

Lace cape laying on floor length abaya is amazing style become popular in Pakistan. Girls give warmth welcome to this trendy style. Peach color abaya with peach lace pull over look so elegant. You can perk up for formal and semiformal day-light party and special even celebrations.

Color-block abaya:

I love this Dubai style abaya. Color-block abaya is fabulous creation by Annahhariri. Chambery, black and white front open abaya is awesome for statement street looks. In current look color blocked abaya carry with coarl red maxi dress, animal printed heels and red leather clutch to polished style.

Jacket style abaya in black:

No doubt nothing can replace elegance of black abaya. You still feel bound with traditional black then opt to jacket style abaya. Waterfall leather neckline and slit pocked feature add to wrap modesty with tones of modernity. Belted abaya give fabulous look jeans and loose pajama outfits.

Embroidered kimono abaya:

Black and beige color abaya is elegant addition in modern wardrobes. Font open abaya with flare sleeve abaya accentuate with intricate floral embroidered motif. Sheer paneling and neutral color trimming make abaya design even more attractive.

Edgy Vest-style abaya:

Sophisticated and retro-edgy style elevate with ingenious perks including color-blocked sleeveless abaya, long sleeve top, leather legging, high heels and modest hijab. Color and fabric block vest style abaya is adorable piece to pinch a tint of red into monochromic black outfit. Red and black abaya with floral sheer paneling at border make statement outerwear for hijab girl.

Blouson sleeve bisht abaya:

Printed velvet front bisht abaya is impeccable outerwear that looks great on modern outfits such as skinnies jeans, legging or slim-fit skirts outfit. Blouson sleeve floor lengths abaya can wrap properly hen you desire to cover whole ensemble or keep open when you want to show off the actual style carry.

Shrug abaya:

You can call it waterfall cardigan or shrug abaya. Solid color shrug abaya is subtle-chic wardrobe essential that attracts trendier Hijabies. Must-have shrugs abaya to create dimensions and depth into modern outfit. It looks nice with long maxi dresses, Capri, jeans and wide-leg trouser outfits.

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