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Teal Green Abaya with Different Hijab Color Combinations

Abaya and hijab are complement of each other. Abaya is loose fitting outerwear worn by muslin girls to hide their feminine curves while hijab is clothing piece wrap around to cover head and chest. Now Islamic fashion change it turn modern girls has full awareness about latest fashion trend they know well what to wear and who it look graceful.

Abaya fashion goes beyond traditional black abaya. Colored abaya replace tradition attires. Teal is cool color permit nautical charm. Teal is basically shade of dark green. Teal abaya is festive ensemble permit statement appeal if you layered it with contrast hijab. Abaya look feel incomplete without hijab.

Today we tell you about perfect hijab color that suits to teal abaya. Scroll down page and get interesting teal abaya teal with color hijab combinations.

Teal cardigan abaya with neutral hijab:

Pull over rich color abaya to create balance look. Teal, darker shade of green is charming shade pop in nautical grace. Neutral hues and teal make amazing combination.  Ankle length front open abaya, also call as vest or cardigan layered over striped top, sweet pants. Beige color chiffon hijab form please combinations transform entire appeal.

Bluish teal abaya with brown floral hijab:

Structure A-line abaya, features with semi fitted bodice, flare hem and long sleeve, is excellent attire picked up from Inayah collection. Teal color full length abaya is elegant outwear wears give modest appeals if you wear brown floral printed chiffon hijab with it.

 Nude hijab with teal front open abaya:

Copy Instagrams special look to bring versatility in your wardrobe.  Arabian style front open abaya beautifully design in teal and cream combination. Lace and pearl embellished abaya is charming outerwear work best for special event styling.  Copy this young lady who tame up teal abaya over cream long dress. Stud embellished pups and nude color hijab add to complete the look

Teal maxi abaya and cinder grey hijab:

Closely fit and flare hen chiffon maxi dress is adorable alternative of tradition abaya. Maxi style abaya is opulent attire doe day light party styling. Rushed waist teal abaya derive from designer collection. Wider waist and long fitted sleeve maxi dress abaya make adorable combination with cinder grey hijab.

Aab teal abaya with grey ombre hijab:

A-line flared full length abaya is alluring clothing piece design by Aab collection. Teal color smoked high neck and long sleeve featuring abaya tame up with grey and teal ombre hijab and grey pointy shape pumps.  Solid color ombre silk hijab make you sober and graceful.

Teal abaya and emerald green hijab:

Mix bold and darker shade to get statement and timeless appearance. Teal is darker hue of green come closer to black that why it make charming combination with emerald green. Black embroidered teal color abaya form excellent outfit with black details.  Black patterned emerald green hijab look so beautiful.

Black hijab and teal abaya:

Teal and black is splendid color combination never let down you exception. You can combine both colors any time. It make dreamy outfit for both daylight and evening parties.  Bisht style black and teal abaya adorn in double layer. Upper layer is in front open style that adorn with embroidered sheer panels. Black hijab give delightful finishing to teal abaya that can’t possible with other color combination.

Teal tunic abaya with purple hijab:

Teal color tunic abaya is hottest silhouette has high demand in trendy muslin girls. Long tunic is opulent replacement of traditional pull over abaya. Look this trendy attire consist on teal tunic abaya, white pajama, criss cross ankle strap pumps, gold pendant necklace and purple hijab. Dark purple and teal make flawless combination has no replacement.

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