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Stunning ideas of wearing bow belts with abayas


Last few years we see incredible growth in Islamic fashion as latest designer done lot of work to bring innovation in Muslim girls styling. Modern Muslim girls have complete fashion sense. She knows who she has to get a statement look white out letting her modesty.

Media play greater contribution to aware Muslim girls. Abayas is tradition Islamic outerwear worn by Muslim girls.  Whatever the fashion come abaya has its own grace and no one refuse it advantages. Loose fitted abayas are the symbol of Muslim girls. Some girls feel difficulty to adjust loose abayas, for their assistance lots of abayas belt introduces which let them to adjust abayas fitting according to their requirements as everyone has different body shape and size.

Bow belt is cute addition in Islamic outfits. It brings prettiest grace along with other benefits.  Decorative bow belt of self toe bow belts are elegant choice for all abayas.

Hesseh bow belt abaya:


Hesseh is the most influential abayas brand offer enduring collection of black abayas. These moodiest abayas design with modern techniques. Sheer, chiffon and silk crafted black abayas embellished with intricate details. These bow belt embellished abayas ate elegant choice for formal and semi-formal styling. Loose fitted and flooring touching abaya grabs my attention.  Silk black abayas adorn with velvet bodice and champagne color silk bow belt while embroidered bodice chiffon abayas festooned with yellowish bow belt.

Self-tied Bow belt cardigan style abaya:


Look these edgy abaya look provide statement look perfectly suitable with modern lifestyle. Front open jacket style long cardigan abayas fabulous layered over modern outfits to get modest tones.  It’s chic choice for party and street styling. Self tie bow belt glow statement beauty of the abaya.  These belts also allow you to position open abayas adoring to your style requirement. Matching color fabric belt gorgeously tie in bow style around the waist.

Robe bow-belt abayas:


Front open abaya is ionic fashion trend rapidly adopts by modish girls. It becomes high demin of teen and young ladies. Here I unleash two aesthetic abaya look for spring and summer styling. In this way you can look attractive. Neutral color lace trimmed front open abayas layer over stylish maxi dress. Thin tassel end robe fantastically used as abayas belt tied in bow style. It completes feminine style.  Both are elegant outfits for daylight parties.

Silk bow belt abayas:


Designer offer endless collection of black abayas sometime makes a woman obsessed as it confusing task to pick a single abaya but you have to done. Select a stylish abayas tailored with unique features.  Look above bow belt abaya design tailored with intricate details. Balloon sleeve  and sequin embellished black abayas adorn with purple silk bow self-tie belt while  black  batwing wing butterfly abaya festooned with red ribbon rosette flowers and  invisible waist bow belt.

Printed bow belt abaya:


Floral printed abaya is eye-pleasing compliments look more attractive with bow belt adornment.  High neck front open cardigan style abaya wears over shinny pants and top. Grey and black printed abayas festooned with same color waist belt knotted in bow style. On the other hand black rose printed maxi abayas adjusted with wide silk belt graced with bow belt.

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