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Pregnant Ladies Loose Fitted Abaya Style Ideas


Pregnant ladies abaya can differentiate with other abaya. Their sewing style is totally different with other abaya. These abaya can be styled with their body shape and style. It can also be loose fitted and staple their comfy walking. Pregnant ladies figure is different as compare to other women so, their abaya is also ready with their unique styling. Now pregnant ladies don’t worry about their dressing and abaya. Designer and brand can also designed the abaya according to their body size.

Here are some latest and novelistic designing abaya that can suitable for pregnant ladies.

Stripped based double abaya;


Double abaya is suitable for pregnant ladies. Loose fitted front short with back fall chiffon based abya. Under black and white stripped abaya can add interesting charm in their carrying style. This abaya can cover their belly with their unique designing.

Red colored frill abaya;


Red colored double layered frill long abaya is looking fabulous. Frill can covered their belly with in sophisticated manner. Head wrapping front covering hijab can give modest charm in their carrying style. Sleeves can also highlight with black patch.

Loose fitted plated abaya;


Loose fitting plated abaya is looking beautiful. It can hide their tummy with their unique styling. Front belted can also staple their comfy walking. Plated front with cuff sleeves can ad elegant charm in their pink shade abaya.

Wrapping style belted abaya design;


Here is cute wrapping style abaya with belt cover idea make impressive their styling. Long chiffon based abaya can add comfy charm in their wearing style. Brighten shade head wrapping hijab can flash out their modest charm in Islamic function.

Frock style abaya idea;


Lacy frock abaya can add appealing glam in their carrying style. It can be styled with loose fitted ankle length petty frock. Dusty grey abaya bring decent look in formal wearing. Coral colored twisted hijab with matching envelop clutch and pumps can also add versatile charm in their modern styling.

Black flare abaya style;


Front closed style black flare abaya with cuff sleeves can enhance the glam of their outdoor look. It is suitable for pregnant women abaya. White head wrapping hijab can add graceful charm in their styling.

Soft touch chiffon abaya;


Pink and purple colored chiffon based wrapping abaya with top belt style is looking gorgeous. Wrapping layered can crowned their belly and save with any kind of danger. Light pink shade hijab is the perfect match of this good looking abaya.

Black baggy abaya design;


Black baggy style abaya can also suitable for pregnant ladies. It can sew with loose fitting and front covering style which can save and hide their belly and looking normal.


Pregnant ladies abaya is different from other abaya. These whole abaya can look sophisticate with their wearing style.

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