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Most Modern Style Black & Red Abaya Design

Firstly Muslim women adorn black abaya that show their culture all over the world. With the passage of time women turn to something unique and interesting fashion that give him elegant look beauty. Colorful abaya platy outdoor fashion role and in its back other matching Hijab, makeup like tips follow the modern way. Black & red abaya is most common trend today that every woman wants to wear it. Look below!

Open Style Ball Bottom Sleeve Abaya:

1 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (14)

Slim smart lady adorn royal black & red abaya. Open style of black abaya trimmed with red silk and floral lace. Ball bottom sleeve get red fabric bow style that give nice look beauty. Modish lady wear sequin embellished head cap with scarf that hide the hair of women. Long length flare from abaya gives idea to pick up leather boots that are help full in rainy season.

Asymmetric Flower Appliqué Abaya:

2 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (7)

Black abaya get red color contras with modern treatment. Asymmetrical style women abaya give fancy look with flower appliqué. Long sleeve get end in red flower while shoulder belt that come on waist also has same style. Multi layer fabric give elegant beauty detail with unique features. Lady wears black head scarf and red heel shoes. Red shoes with black end abaya make love contras.

Floral Lace Arab Muslim Abaya:

3 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (2)

With back front image Arab abaya style is share with you. One side of functional look abaya get floral lace whiles other with black plain fabric. Red and black beads make great border line that go in flare form. Z-style Hijab and red lips of women give her attractive beauty appearance. Black beaded clutch has light weight and make best space for small storage.

Red & Black Caftan Abaya:

4 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (8)

Caftan style abaya has side black and red center. Flare sleeve of floor length abaya get ruffle pleated with velvet fabric. Thin belt embossed on waist for fitting purpose. Comfortable feelings emerged under modern style abaya. You can attend function and night parties under black warmth feel and red love abaya. Black hair and red makeup beautify the women look.

Open Style Evening Abaya:

5 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (5)

Funky girl enjoy summer evening in black red open style abaya. Long sleeve of abaya go step by step in red to black color from top to bottom. Floral lace end of open abaya is touch the women feet. She adorn leather skinny pant under the open abaya. Ankle strip heel sandals give perfect look of abaya. You can make black scarf contras with step by step Muslim women outdoor dress.

Butterfly Sleeve Black & Red Abaya:

6 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (13)

Butterfly sleeve long length abaya wholly cover the women body features. Neckline area stitch with golden ruff painted fabric. Red borderline on butterfly sleeve make great contras. You can impress other in butterfly sleeve abaya dressing. In natural light golden bodice of abaya give sparkling expression. Under fit and flare from abaya relax feeling are emerged.

Stylish & Fancy Ruffle Pleated Abaya:

7 stylish and fancy black & red abaya (1)

Waist pleated red abaya has black bodice and neckline. Embroidery work make over on square form neck. Long sleeve of red abaya stitch with black ruffle pleated. Black head cap with red Hijab women hide her head and forehead beauty. Glossy lips are get contras with dressing. Chiffon fabric utilize in stitching of red & black abaya. You can enjoy any function in above image define abaya look.

stylish and fancy black & red abaya (3) stylish and fancy black & red abaya (4) stylish and fancy black & red abaya (6)

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