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Modest Hayas Closet Abaya Styles

1 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (3)

Haya’s closes is Dubai and Saudi based boutique designed by Middle Eastern designers. They offer extremely stylish and fashionable outwear for Muslim ladies inspire with modernity. Haya’s closets crowded with aesthetic, feminine and timeless abaya which perfectly match to modern life style.

Hand embroidered, color block, strip mesh, lace trim, printed and dantel paneled abaya are remarkable style introduced by Hayas closet in wide variety.

Shoulder embroidered abaya:

2 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (5)

Garden-inspired embroidered cardigan style abaya is graceful outerwear for empowered ladies. Ivory color loose fit cardigan abaya is for special styling. Get modest appeal by wearing them with modern outfit and high heels. Flare sleeve full length abaya is smart choice for smart girls. Embroidery work just do on shoulder for distinctive finishing.

Blue embroidered abaya:

3 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (2)

Brighten up your closet by picking up pale blue front open abaya from Hayas closest. Fresh pale blue abaya beautify with silk thread embroidery work. Extravagant sleeve and roll neck abaya is put you style on edgy track. Cool hues keep you fresh during hot days.

Embroidered front open abaya:

4 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (6)

Grey is sober color suit to every women personality. Black thread embroidered embellished front top abaya is breathtacking option for those ladies seeking for Hayas closet elegance. You can get easy reach to this festive abaya through online shopping store. Bisht-inspire abaya cover all feminine curves.

Cut-out lace trim abaya:

5 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (1)

Traditional black and white abaya incredibly design with modern details. Monochromic abaya charm your personality. Two different tone of black and white hue brilliantly involve in front open abaya formulation.  White patch give focal charm to roll neck and sleeve ends.  White lace trimming, embroidery and cut=work details apply to exquisite formal abaya.

Black and grey embroidered abaya:

6 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (7)

Gorgeous and extremely fashion forward abaya will click to your heart. Dark grey front open abaya enchant with black embroidery and panel inserts. Wider full length sleeve fascinate with black panels, zip up enclosure details make it favorite outerwear. Embroidered abaya is in grey from fronts while back is in solid black hues.

Color blocked bisht abaya:

7 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (8)

Modest and fashionable bisht style abaya is amazing silhouette design in Arabian style. Muslim ladies belong to middle estate love to wear Hayas closet abaya. Abaya unique style appeals them a lot.  Look at this dreamy outerwear design with intricate signature details. Flare sleeve, roll neck and front open abaya allure under color-block inspiration. Tulip floral printed ivory and black abaya grace with French lace trimming that feels flawless in both looking and wearing.

Beige embroidered abaya:

8 stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (10)

Opt to black and beige color abaya which amp up personality with neutral tones. Beige abaya is in zip up style with slit cut features.  Tiered embroidered glare sleeve, scalloped embroidered trim abaya is smart clothing for regular to formal styling.
stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (4) stylish Hayas closet abaya for modest look (9)

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