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Ladies Muslima Wear with Floral Polka Dot Print

Muslima is the Istanbul Islamic wearing brand name. That design Muslim women outfit that represent their Muslim identity. Ladies Muslim wear known with the other name called abaya. Abaya is a long body covering dress that women dress up when go outside home.

Muslim wear are in these design as waist plated floor length gown, long sleeve abaya, layered plated abaya, maxi dress, polka dot abaya, floral printed Muslima wear, leather jacket abaya etc.

These Muslima wear are prepare with silk, chiffon, sheer, and wool fabric. You can wear matching and contras hijab with these abaya. . These Muslima wear make you stunning and delicious personality. You can dress up in summer and winter season.

In these Muslima outfit red, green, tea-pink, yellow, brown, white, mint green and other bright and soft colors shade are used. These shades of Muslima wear give you benefits in both seasons.

a gorgeous abaya by muslima wear

beautiful embroidery red abaya

blue and green with belted abaya

imressive abaya design idea

jersy abaya with matching belt

pink and white maxi style abaya

plain stylish abaya

plated maxi style abaya


polka dot black shiny abaya

printed soft lokk abaya design

sea green plain silk abaya

silk abaya with black tiny blazer

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