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Korean Fit and Flares Abaya Style


Dear as you well known that abaya show the Muslim women dignity. The fashion of abaya is approved wonderfully in Korea. Modern girls also conscious and known the need of abaya. You can search the best abaya and Hijab tutorial of Korean Muslim women. Definitely with Hijab trend the abaya make best pair. Women in Korea wear the abaya with great confidence and follow the Islamic rule about dressing. Here we share with you Korean abaya design that you can pick up and give new and attractive look to your beauty.


Jacket style Korean abaya bring fabulous look with two tones. You can enjoy black inside layer with top check jacket. Korean abaya are stitch with Korean crepe fabric. Fitted sleeve with matching chiffon Hijab can enjoy hiding the body figure. Open jacket is design in sharing style. Korean jacket style abaya give modern appearance for casual wearing.


Plated fit and flare pattern abaya wear Korean Muslim women. Double layer is making over with printed top. Chiffon upper layer give soft and comfort touch. Waist Thin leather belt give sparkling look on black abaya. Matching Hijab wear the modish girl that make over with border lace.


V-neck Korean style abaya make bright appearance. Jagged sleeve style make over with waist plated. Deep v0neck are cover with under black fabric. You feel comfortable and relax after wearing loosing fitting abaya. Red color Korean abaya offer you to wear leopard print Hijab.


Sheathe style Korean abaya is best suited for college girls. As you can see in above that modish women dress up the black color abaya with check printed Hijab. In winter season double layer Hijab with head cap and sun glasses keep you warm up and give impressive look. Black color absorbs more heat so you can pick up in winter season.


Button style beige abaya will wonderfully hidden your legs and keep you protect from flash eyes. Chest plated style give unique and fancy look to Korean abaya. Long fitted sleeve fit and flare form abaya give soft and sober look to your personality. No matter which color of Hijab you select with Korean abaya.


Kaftan abaya give fabulous look with shoulder silk flower appliqué. Waist belt is design with kaftan abaya for fitting purpose. Peach color makes lovely contras with black abaya. Kaftan abaya trend become popular among the trendy women. She not only enjoys kaftan style in abaya form also in other dressing for functional bases.


Maroon and black contras make romantic charm look in abaya trend. Umbrella style Korean abaya you can pick up for functional bases. Black sleeve stitch with side black and center maroon fabric arrangement. Colorful printed Hijab you can wear on your head without head cap. Korean crepe fabric makes sparkling appearance in abaya.


Cap waist style Korean abaya make you attractive personality. Long sleeve of abaya are decorated with silver contras lace. Fitted gown to waist fall down in loose fitting movement. You can enjoy wedge shoes under Korean cap waist abaya.


I hope these Korean style abaya much inspire you. For comfort feelings and modish look you can enjoy for casual wearing these abaya design. Some other images are below that also helping out you in easy and quick selection of Korean style abaya.

image015 image016

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