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Inayah New Abaya Design Summer Collection

Today here we realize Inayah popular design abaya. As I you also become lover of summer look collection of Inayah abaya that has sensational features detail.  You can attain these long dressing for casual or occasional wearing. Inayah floral print come you near to nature. Pink and teal are my favorite color you also found you best shade in these Inayah abaya. Women abaya are in layered, beige, and kaftans styles. Skirt dressing with t-shirt and button down pocket shirt is great piece that keep you comfort. Scroll down the page and enjoy!

Floral Kaftans & Layered Abaya:

1 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (2)

You need this summer short kaftans abaya with tights. Gorgeous look floral abaya make paired with gray color hijab. Flare from dressing doesn’t feel how the body shapes. Inayah brought mauve color easy piece with button down neckline. During summer you feel almost tolerant in flare form abaya. Waist palate with cute lining long sleeve abaya comes at floor. Lifesaver Inayah abaya can wear with off-white color hijab.

Floral Print Inayah Skirt Abaya:

2 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (3)

Personally I so much likes the above relax and stunning look abaya. Flower print skirt definitely speaks truth to me! It’s such a great ideas to enjoy pleated skirt dressing that bright up your personality. Skirt make a cute pair with plain long fitted sleeve t-shirt. Pink and gray color combination explores a love piece that can also adorn the college girls and working ladies.

Dusty Rose Skirt & Blue Long Sleeve Abaya:

3 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (4)

Inayah rolled out a dusty rose pleated skirt for summer look. I am in love when I see pleated skirt with pocket button down shirt. How much give awesome beauty at a time dusty rose, off-white and purple color scheme. Blue color long sleeve sheath abaya makes great selection in my wardrobe. Mixture of solid color ad flower print chiffon hijab really gives a mood on your personality.

Teal Color Evening Wear Gown:

4 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (8)

When I see Inayah new summer collection I best find teal evening wear gown. It will give unique and so interesting style I urgently bought it that free from jewel stone and any other embellishment. Plain fabric gown layered are take several turn with fit and flare from. I wish that I wear this gown on more events because I consider it suit on my personality.

Loose Fit Abaya with Jersey Hijab:

5 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (9)

First look stunning design and color abaya wear the lady that can easily be dress up. Idea abaya for wearing on occasional bases that brings black color jersey hijab idea. Long length of Inayah abaya also hides the long legs even shoes. You must need to wear flat shoes under layered abaya. Black color leather bag is making glossy accent that attain to impress with hijab color.

Green & Brown Plain Abaya:

6 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (5)

I can’t imagine as early when I first look these dark color plain abaya. So simple but amazing style of abaya can enjoy working women as well as college girls. Green color abaya with fitted sleeve make love contras. Gray and green hijab I think you first time go to wear. How you will look take idea from above picture. The next one brown color gown can wear with thin waist belt. Printed black & white look hijab impress lady to adorn shoulder bag and shoes in same white color.

Beige Maroon & Black Abaya:

7 latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (6)

Beige style maroon abaya is a restful piece that release Inayah for this summer. Floor length of abaya with drop down movement sleeve lady gives attractive impression. She gets black color hijab and wear in double layer style.  Next one layered abaya neckline furnished with white lace. Abaya appeal gray chiffon hijab for casual look. Beige abaya offer you to attend summer night parties.

latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (1) latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (7) latest and simple inayah   abaya collection (10)

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