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How to Wear Front Open Abaya with Long Dress

We always try our best to introduce fashion forward abaya and hijab inspiration boards for hijabies who believe in keeping modesty and fashion at the same time. What you wear now is known as fashion. There are no set rules about fashion.

You can wear easy outfit but make sure it look elegant and modest too. Abaya is an outwear come in longer length and loose fitting. Longer dress wearing doesn’t mean you skip abaya from outfit. Abaya in front open style, cardigan, floor length jacket and kimono also recommended,

make best choice to enhance modest look in long dress. Long dress and open abaya form lovely outfit convey statement appeal to hijabies. Maxi dress, sheath gown and even long shirt dress look awesome if you layer cardigan or open abaya to create dimensional sense.

Black abaya and tan maxi dress:

Inayah is talented Muslim fashion designer and blogger unleash new possibilities of wearing abaya and hijab. Front open abaya is tradition style of abaya give an opportunity to show off dress wears beneath it without leaving modesty. Traditional black abaya also consider best for this purpose as she do in latest collection. Black abaya dress down over tan color maxi dress for effortless finishing.

Green front open abaya and black dress:

Elegance and femininity are two factors influence the way of clothing. In Muslim fashion the main purpose of clothing to cover entire body in respectable way. You can wear any outfit but it must look elegance. Black pull over style long dress or maxi abaya is stunning clothing for hijabies convey modest appeal with matching color hijab. If you want special look quite different from other than pile up front open abaya like gorgeous lady.

Peach cardigan and knitted grey gown:

If you are interested in wearing western on inspire outfit such as long sheath and bodycon gown after knowing rule and limitation of Islamic teaching. Don’t worry we have a solution to fix the problem. Dress down such dresses with front open abaya or long cardigan these outer wear cover body curves feeling hard in long dresses. Peachy chiffon cardigan and floral printed hijab incredibly transform bold western look into modest one.

Lace trim belted abaya and white dress:

Make you way by keeping modesty and modernity on same track. You can look modern by following smart clothing trend. Chocolaty brown front open abaya in belted kimono style make edgy attire with chiffon hijab and high heels. Black lace trim abaya adjusted with string belt to show off bit of White ankle length dress wear beneath it.

Grey abaya and black sheath gown:

Black sheath dress in ankle length closely fit to bodies fail to cover modesty requirement so it better to pulls loose fit front open abaya for sober look. Grey stud embellished front open abaya with matching color hijab blooms personality charm. Two tone pointy pumps hold both hues used in outfit.

Belted kimono abaya and black dress:

Wide cuff, loose sleeve front open abaya, festooned with fabric waist belt featuring, is fashion-worthy addition in Inayah wardrobe. Tan color abaya look awesome with grey maxi dress, curved pointy pumps and neutral hijab wearing.

Printed bisht abaya and long dress:

Get modest party ready look by wearing printed grey kimono style abaya over black floor length bodycon dress. It put statement look at a notch. White sandals matches with abaya prints yet black coordinate with dress color.

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