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Functional Look Long Length Crochet Abaya Design

Nice addition unique look crochet abaya impress the all ladies. Crochet abaya like to wear college girls, working ladies and bridal on her big day with under dress. In our crochet abaya collection halter neck, open style, button down neck, back drop and so other abaya are add. You can enjoy cold weather in freely mood with warmth feel crochet abaya trend. Get images from below!

Crochet Jacket Style Wedding Abaya:

1 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (1)

In above image bridal adorn white crochet back drop abaya. Jacket style long fitted sleeve abaya bridal wears on white floor length silk dress. Front open style white abaya is present calm and cute beauty look of bridal. Cozy feelings are also emerged under pure white abaya that bring cute touch on feet. Bridal makeover her personality with silver color necklace that give glossy effect in natural light.

Halter Neck Front Pocket Crochet Abaya:

2 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (3)

Really interesting style for winter wearing is halter neck long sleeve abaya. Ring chain style makeover with crochet pattern on sheath abaya. Women wear long length gown with fitted long sleeve in which hand can pull down in front pocket. With long abaya flat wool shoes can wear that help in easy walk. Crochet abaya in Black and off-white color make perfect styling. Modish ladies wear Hijab that ends cover in halter neck easily.

Fit And Flare Form Abaya:

3 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (5)

Above image fit and flare form abaya best suited for working ladies. Warmth look long sleeve collared less neck abaya can wear both university girls ad working ladies in cold weather. You can make easy walk in gray color flare form abaya. Women select cream color scarf. Flap over clutch and flat boots. Trendy lady wrap the scarf end in round neck while hand clutch give best storage at outdoor place.

Blue Color Button down Neck Crochets Abaya:

4 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (6)

Blue color as give cool and fresh beauty here crochet blue color abaya play interesting role. Button down high neck style makes the blue abaya unique and elegant from others. Blue color inspires lady to get white scarf for covering the head and forehead. Crochet Flare abaya help to take easy turn with flat boots. Long sleeve floor length abaya keep the body relax long time.

Crochet Lace Black Abaya:

5 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (7)

V-neck style long sleeve crochet lace abaya stitch with detail features. Open style black color abaya ends treat wit fabric patch. Black color generally gives warmth feeling because it catches easily sun heat and keeps warm up your body. Lady enjoys loafer shoes and top holder hand bag with black abaya. Collared neck of crochet abaya makes cute style for wearing the scarf.

Flower Crochet Style Cardigan:

6 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (10)

Ball bottom sleeve flower design crochet blazer adopts the lady with blue polka dot dress. Floor length crochet blazer gives attractive look to trendy girl. She wears nude color scarf with pleat style necklace.  Small size sequin embellished chain strip shoulder bag give functional look beauty to cute lady. Crochet blazer on blue waist pleated outfit perform modern style.

Deep Neck Open Style Crochets Abaya:

7 warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (9)

Deep neck open style crochets abaya favorable to wear on under dress. Ball bottom sleeve of abaya keep relax to do work. Border line style waist of abaya adds little interest in open look. Long length of crochet abaya goes down with under fabric. Crochet abaya under layer of fabric will give twinkle expression in attention of white top. You will remain safe from cold when pick up the crochet abaya.

warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (2) warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (4) warmth feel long lenght crochet abaya (8)

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