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Chiffon Flare Abaya Design

Flare abaya is version of simple look a-line cut abaya. Abaya has right balance that founded between subtle touch and classic style. Loose fit flare abaya make favorite to wardrobe for casual and functional beauty look. Flare abaya give relax and charm glowing appearance. Working ladies as well as college girl like to wear flare abaya with different color and styles of Hijab.  Scroll down the page to see flare abaya!

1 colorful beaded abaya

Black color abaya show majesty of Muslim women. It’s the exact color of abaya that hide body features with clear look. Fitted sleeve flare abaya flatter from end and touch the feet. Even need of matching shoes become less under flare abaya. Red and green color strip are make cute styling in neckline area and sleeve border.

2 flare abaya with black hijab

This one abaya has perfect layer in sheath form. Light color abaya keep you energetic in hot weather. Lady matches black Hijab and handbag with natural color abaya. Hand bag with abaya help you to make personal storage. Loose sleeve long length flare abaya make end with floor touch.

3 black flare abaya

Neck and waist pleated flare abaya with ballet shoes give perfect street style look. Black color flat round toe shoes keep you comfort and you can make easy walk. Stripped printed white and gray color Hijab you can wear on black flare form abaya. Working ladies pick up the black flare style abaya for every day look.

4 printed flare abaya with plain hijab

Printed flare abaya give interesting look beauty. Cute color selected for abaya that wear the lady with red color waist belt. She cover her hair in chiffon fabric plain Hijab. Golden wrist watch and red flip down clutch give functional look. You can attend any function under flare print abaya with red matching fashion accessory.

5 unique flare abaya

Black color flares style abaya with golden contras spark in day light. Fitted sleeve abaya wear the lady that makes fancy appearance with ring style waist belt. Long chain hanging with waist belt will give slightly touch to hand. Z-style Hijab has lace border that wear the lady with hand glitter clutch.

6 flare Abaya Design for Women

Tribal look develop under black flare abaya. Neckline area decorates with number of gold plate that gives interesting look. Same style gold plate trims on sleeve end and Hijab border. Need of jewelry become less when you will wear black abaya embellished with plates.

7 stylish flare abaya

Chiffon abaya give multi layer with elegant beauty. Fitted sleeve and waist fabric belt make cute styling. Flare of abaya touch the floor and hide the long legs. With light color abaya you can adopt dark color Hijab. Plain Hijab with great styling show the rich beauty of women.

8 blue flare abaya

Urban style flare abaya in blue color give cool and fresh feelings. Flare form abaya help to make easy turn under the long length full sleeve abaya. You can wear printed Hijab on blue flare abaya as lady wear in above image. Strip ballet shoes best suited for college girls try with flare abaya.

burgendi flare abaya colorful hijab with black abaya flare abaya for muslim wmen flooral hijab with flare abaya good lookung abaya with hijab grey flare abaya Impressive flare abaya Impressive-collection-of-abaya-with-flare-designs-2 jacket style flare abaya white stone flare abaya

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