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Black Abaya with Embroidery Sleeve Modern Trend

You need to wear embroidery sleeve black abaya that present a rich beauty of you. Thread work sleeve in black abaya is a great idea to very casually or formally. Colorful embroidery widely shows on black base of Muslim women dress. In our collection wide variety of embroidery sleeve black abaya is include. Sleeves are trim with machine and handmade thread work. Silk thread work efficiently on black abaya because it give sparkling appearance. For more look below!

Thread Embroidery Ball Sleeve Abaya:

Muslim women black abaya is sew with soft hand feel quality fabric. Ball sleeve of long length abaya are treat with gray thread embroidered to occasionally wear. Silk thread used to decorate the sleeve of black abaya. Front open style abaya beautifully display with gray and black flower print scarf. Color combination in black abaya gives subtle look.

Contras Embroidery Sleeve Black Abaya:

Ladies goes on work in delicate black abaya with contras embroidery work on sleeve. Round motive make on sleeve edge and front of abaya. Lose fit floor length black abaya you can layer with matching Hijab. Graceful abaya show the dignity of women because it covered their body. Little addition of embroidery on sleeve of abaya makes it fancy.

Rich Embroidery Sleeve Black Abaya:

Rich beauty of abaya emerged due to gray color quad embroidery work on sleeve and neckline of black abaya. Sparkling impression give the silk thread in day light. Ball sleeve Muslim women abaya make a fabulous beauty of lady when she wears gray embroidery sleeve abaya. Soft hand-feel black abaya is design with a long piece of Hijab.

Flower Embroidery Sleeve Long Abaya:

What an amazing look appear the women black color abaya. Colorful flower embroidery make on ball sleeve edge of abaya. Front open style women abaya is easy to wear. Bright color sleeve edge become prominent and grabs wide attention of other in whole black abaya. I love with embroidery sleeve black abaya because it makes nice personality.

Green Embroidery Sleeve Abaya:

Luxe beauty of pretty lady appears in green embroidery sleeve of black abaya. Modern tasteful abaya is made with quality fabric. Cool green color embroidery on sleeve of abaya give a decent look. This one Black abaya fit for any occasion. Front close ankle length warmth black abaya feel the beauty of nature with little green embroidery sleeve.

Colorful Embroidery Flare Sleeve Abaya:

In above image lady wear black color floor length abaya with flare design sleeve. Colorful embroidery work detail is design at sleeve edge, neckline and top of shoulder. With heavy embroidery black abaya present the culture of any place. You can see red color zigzag lace pattern divided the neckline. Black abaya with thread work sleeve make a perfect choice to attend a function.

Front Open Style Embroidery Sleeve Abaya:

Glamorous beauty make the abaya when contras with pink and white. Front open style floor length abaya decorate with pink and white patchwork. Wide pink patch increase the length of abaya. Flower embroidery design in ball sleeve of black abaya. Black color chiffon Hijab paired in this thread work long sleeve of Muslim women dress.

Gray Embroidery Sleeve Black Abaya:

Lose fit black abaya treat with gray embroidery work at sleeve and length of abaya. Deep gray color widely shows the embroidery on black surface of abaya. For every day wear black abaya with little embroidery is perfect idea. Affordable black abaya is stitch with thick fabric that doesn’t lose your body figure. You feel relax and in black abaya in every season.

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