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Top 7 Dubai Brands Abaya Collection in Black

Dubai now becomes another fashion capital who captures attention of influential designer. Especially Muslim designers struggle hard to recognize the Islamic clothing trend throughout the worlds. Dubai fashion week is one of the mega event offer a platform to showcased modest Islamic clothing. Here we bring Dubai top Abaya brand that make their name in fashion industry through creative work. These stunning black abaya realize you that black are ever refreshing clothing piece never goes out the fashion.

Balqees black abaya:

Balqees is quintessential Dubai abaya brand step is fashion industry with clear and define vision. Their mission is to provide majestic abaya collection design with creative details.  They highly focus over the quality of the material incorporate in abaya collection. Here it fabulous abaya design filter form Balqees collection. Double layered black abaya is wonderful option for fashionable girls. You can wear it for special event styling. Upper layers is designs in caftan style while the lower piece  is floor length pull over gown that flawlessly adorn with sequin and beaded lace trimming.

Effa collection abaya:

Effa is luxurious Dubai abaya brand offer modest and fashionable collection of women outwears known as abaya, they also deal in Jalabiyas, scarves, hijab and contemporary evening wears. Effa is Saudi Arabian fashion designer based in Dubai and established label brand in Dubai. Effa luxurious abaya collection totally inspired with traditional culture and European fashion. Watch this stunning black Effa abaya define elegance and femininity of the woman. It lovely abaya design under intricate details, golden embroidered sleeve and V-neck featuring make it desirable clothing piece among empowered ladies.

Hanayen black abaya:

Hanayen is influential Dubai brand offer timeless collection of women clothing design to convey modest piece to Muslim girls.  Look this versatile Hanayen abaya that show the true work offered by the designer. Front open and crepe crafted black abaya is design according to traditional Arabian culture. Blouson, balloon, full sleeve embellished with lace trimming also give delicate appeal to this playful abaya.

Al-Mazyoona abaya:

Al-Mazyoona is influential abaya brand offer Khaleeji and Arabian culture inspired luxurious clothing to modish Muslim girls throughout the world]. Al-Mazyoona abaya brand is actually established by Ayoon Al Mazyoona who works with Pierra Bterrani. They ingeniously mix Arabian true cultural details with modern one to form breathtaking abaya collection. Maxi dress style floor length abaya are of different style. Look this gorgeous black abaya that full embroidered from back while in front it done just around the neckline and sleeve cuff.

Mauzan abaya:

Rafia Helal Bin Drai is the founder of Dubai abaya brand established to fulfill vivid dream of become business women. Mauzan abaya designer try to bring individuality in abaya designing that express the real power of Muslim ladies. Mauzan abaya are in endless style, here we bring black loose fitted and wider sleeve featuring ankle length kimono style abaya design for winter and fall styling.

Hania black abaya:

Hania is luxurious abaya brand recognized as new addition in fashion industry yet their unique and well define abaya line make them favorite brand in short they. Hania offer impeccable abaya intricately design with sophisticated details and cut. Watch this eye-catching black abaya crafted with lace fabric varies in two different colors. Splicing and lace trimmed front open abaya also festooned from back.

Almotahajiba abaya:

Almotahajiba is high scale Dubai abaya brand deals in stunning abaya, Jalabiyas, and Sheilas that crafted with amazing mix of classical and modern details Almotahajiba elegant and good looking abaya gain trendy girls attention. They devote their services for Arab Women and promises to provide modest abaya. Look which maxi style black abaya festooned with floral sunburst velvet bodice and solid black gathered pleated hem.

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