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Ta Marbota “Maraya” 2016 Abaya Collection

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Ta Marbota is exclusive abaya brand founded by Jeddah based designer Rawan Azhar. She inspired from her mother who already involve in fashion design. She and her close friend decided to begain career with fashion designing.  She got degree in management information system.  Firstly she adopts abaya fashion designing as job but later she feels interest.

Ta Marbota offer wide verity of Saudi Arabian and gulf countries cultural abaya for Muslim girls desired too look modish with modesty.  Ta Marbota first foray was in abaya design showcased in 2009.  All abayas are simple and elegant design with light fabric and bright colors. Silk and lace crafted abayas grabs attention which motivate her to do more work in fashion designing. 1 stylish ta marbota Maraya abaya collection (1)

Ta Marbota revealed 2016 collection “Maraya” collection for trendy ladies. Simple and soft color, light stuff and lace sleeves are visible featuring common in her recent collection.  Slim and smart ladies always inspired the designer that why she   highly focus smart girls.

Knitted Sleeve Kimono Style Abaya:

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Dual color ankle length abaya in white and black hue is playful and ultra-modish attire for advance girls.  Wool knitted purple sleeves in full length are stitches with front while and black back abaya. V-neck kimono style abaya is loose in fitting.   Modish girls wear is skinny pant and   get accentuating look with strappy black high heel sandals. Ta Marbota add monochromic accent with classical hues. Pull over abaya is so simple and delicate in first look.

Printed Sleeve Front Open Abaya:

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This one is playful and bold abaya design attract   fashionary girl.   Darker color abaya in jersey fabric is too comfortable in wearing and handling.  The statement feature in this silhouette is brocade   self printed sleeves.  Long full length abaya is open from front also wears as long jacket.  It’s cool and chic abaya outfits perfect for street styling as well as party wearing.

Dual Color Abaya with Lace Sleeve

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Girl in Ta Marbota abaya look gorgeous. It’s super edgy and opulent street style outfit for muslin ladies.  Designer of this brand pay full attention to provide such a piece which reflects the modesty and delicacy of woman with style. Style is nothing without modesty. Front open abaya in

Stunning Ta Marbota Abaya:

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Ta Marbota founder Rawan Azhar feels pleasure by working with Azizal noman who is an Artist. She says, “It was pleasure and blessing to work with artist who understand your concepts and vision and turn them into reality.” It all about details what you want to give it for individual and inspiration look. In this photo graph Rawan Azhar dress-up nude and cream color abaya outfits to look indifferent and gorgeous. Embroidered satin   long abaya layered over cream color long dress.

Rawan Azhar Travelling Abaya:

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Rawan Azhar abaya are too style and elegant surprised me one.  Soft and mushy fabric such as chiffon, crepe, jersey, silk and lace fabrics consume in this collection.   Dove grey and white palette combines to give neutral touch.  Front open and cuff sleeve featuring make it   versatile.  Matching color lace details give to adorn bustier. She also attached white scarf with it to complete the look. It’s impeccable abaya suitable when you have to travel.

Studded Sleeves Abaya:

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Black and beige color bi-color abaya in front open style is magnificent attire for street styling.  Solid black back, center cut beige front and stud embellished black sleeves with have beige sleeve layer is   details add sophistication and more charm to glow advance girls charm. Stretchy sleeves with silver metallic stud adornment   permit statement look for evening.

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