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Stunning Party Abaya by Al Mazyoona for Empower Ladies

Ayoon Al Mazyoona is influential Islamic clothing brand offer modest Khaleeji abaya and Kaftan maxi dresses for Muslim women.  Ayoon Al Mazyoona work with Lebanese Artist, Pierra Bterrani, to offer timeless clothing outfits crafted by creating harmony between Arabian culture and modern fashion. Ayoon Al Mazyoona showcased delicate abaya collection in the heart of Khan Murjan and Wafi center.

Hand stitches abayas, Kaftan dress reflects  creative mind behind it’s designing, Spanish thread embroidery, French lace inserts, Italian fabrics and intricate fashion inspired cut all these thing accurately involve to design fashion-inspired modest clothing for honorable ladies. Here we bring latest abaya designs from Al Mazyoona collection must catch your eyes.

Luxurious Party abaya:

Silk satin crafted front open bisht style abaya specially design for empowered ladies for party styling. It let a woman to feel-like a queen when she dress-up this lovely hand embroidered abaya. Beige color floor length abaya ingeniously exquisite with white thread embroidery work, turquoise and purple laser cur floral motif delicately apply to fascinate abaya sleeves.

Black embroidered abaya:

Royalty and elegance is main prospect behind Ayoon Al Mazyoona abaya designing. They design high quality and luxe abaya for high class ladies who feel honor while attending parties in Ayoon Al Mazyoona dresses. Black thread embroidered abaya stunning piece for such ladies still love to wear traditional black abaya. Extravagant sleeve Kaftan abaya is comfortable attire for formal and semi-formal styling.

White and black lace trim abaya:

Front open roll neck abaya is lovely ensemble for modest ladies do not make compromise over style. White French lace embellished flared sleeve abaya is statement outfit grace one’s personality in decent way. Scalloped edges and trimming allure both abaya sleeve and abaya border sweep on the floor like princess costume.

Turquoise printed abaya:

Front open and bisht style abaya dress is wonderful silhouette design according to modern fashion requirements yet designer never forgets to add Arab cultural details. Tribal printed turquoise color abaya pop-in refreshing tone. Pick it for spring and summer day party styling.

Navy blue Aztec patchwork abaya:

Navy blue tribal inspired abaya is dreamy attire for fashion forward ladies who want to bring uniqueness in their styling. Aztec printed fabric patchwork details raise the beauty of abaya.

Thread embroidered beige abaya:

This effortlessly chic abaya fabulously design with black thread and bead work. Nude color selected to permit delicate silhouette other then black.  Intricate embroidery down over abaya border from and back that give sophisticated look. One sleeve keep simple while other fully allure with embroidery.

Chantilly lace abaya:

Floral Chantilly lace and laser cut floral embellished black and beige color is jaw-dropping peach. Its sophisticated abaya dress shows craftsmanship of Al Mazyoona designer. V-neck and front cut abaya also fascinate with lace trimming beige lace used to trim neck and from cut sides while black lace used to allure sleeves.

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