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Shehana Abaya Designs with Lace and Embroidery Work

Shehana is a Saudi brand name of abaya. It was introduce in 2006 for Arabic ladies. The purpose of Shehana brand to create awareness in women regarding to Islamic attire. With abaya women can show their inner beauty. Abaya are design with innovative way and styles.

Caftan abaya prepare with chiffon fabric. White color gives a grace look to abaya. With this style of abaya you can wear multicolor necklace in neck. Trendy girls like to wear caftan abaya.

Embroidery work full neck abaya, jalabiye style abaya, bisht abaya. Jalabiye abaya is design with top sequin fabric. Sequin fabric in abaya gives it shimmering and sparkling look. Red and black abaya show the culture tradition of an area. Embroidery work is done on shoulder and front strip of neck.
Open styles abaya is design with shimmering strip that is embellished on front open and neck area. Multicolor is used in strip that gives gorgeous look to black color abaya.

V-neck abaya is design with blue lace on sleeve border. Blue silk strip is used on front neck area for making a style.  Abaya is in long loose form you feel comfortable in this abaya.

amazing black Shehana  abaya Designs  (6)

awesome black Shehana  abaya

beautiful embroided abaya

black abaya with embrroidery sleeves

black shiny bish style abaya

chic red and white Shehana  abaya Designs ideas

gray and pink front open abaya

impressive Shehana  abaya Designs ideas

simple and classy Shehana  abaya Designs ideas

stylish Shehana  abaya Designs

superb style Shehana  abaya Designs

white elegant Shehana  abaya Designs

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