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Ombre Jubah Collection Offer By Different Brands


We make huge discussion over Ombre abayas and hijab yet we never forget about the jubah dresses which are also an essential Islamic attire gain bigger portion in muslin woman wardrobe. Ombre jubbahs are is endless style and color combination as lot of jubah bands and designers offer playful collection of ombre abayas for trendy girls in moss crepe, satin and Lycra material.  Here we bring ombre jubah design offer by jasmine, Raisya, Marissa and Bella.

Grey jasmine ombre jubah:


Smoky grey top bodice and dim grey, silver, edges touch is given to design this ombre abayas design with satin valentro fabric. The fabric gives glowing touch while zipper placket and A-line skirts add grace in women personality. Dual color ombre abayas is wear with light grey chiffon hijab for modest feeling.

Marissa ombre jubah:


Marissa offer stylish and elegant jubah ombre dresses in three different combinations. Baby blue and pink, blue and pastel green, emerald and cream are delightful and pleasant contrast color bring effortless charm in jubah style. Jubah is simple A-line long dresses provide cool and comfortable styling.  Try these jubah dresses for spring and summer styling.

Raisya ombre jubah:


Raisya offer new ombre jubah collection to   show “the beauty of ombre jubah”. The collection carries five different ombre color combinations.  Wrinkle free, soft fabric, nursing friendly featured jubah is in purple and pink, grey and purple, brown and orange, green and brown, pink and cream hues.  Moss crepe fabric is delicately used to assemble these eco-friendly and versatile jubah dresses.

Lycra ombre jubah:


Lycra is luxe and high quality material used to design colorful and lively ombre jubah for Muslim girls. It’s soft and smooth texture permit calm and relaxed styling. Orange and plum ombre jubah is also having stretchable features with allow you to wear jubah without any problem, zipper enclosed placket and full sleeves bring flexibility in its design.  Side pleats and flare skirt jubah give flattering look to t young girls.

 Bella Ammara ombre jubah:


Bella Ammara lunched lovely and stylish 2015 collection in ombre style. Ombre jubah are in six different combos which give eye-pleasing and sober charm to Muslim girls. These jubbahs are ideal attire for ten, collage and young girls love with color. Zingy and vibrant hues are fabulously consumed in ombre dying.  Peach and yellow, blue and seafoam green, plum and pink, green and mauve and finally mauve and baby pink are the chic color of ombre jubah.

Pink and lavender ombre jubah:


Pink and laver hue are delicately used to design this lovely and comfortable jubah. A-shaped jubah is featuring full sleeves, decorative waist line and flared shirt.  Satin valentro fabrication is used to tailor this silhouette in ombre dye style. It has wrinkle-free features which make it favorite amount nursing women.

Ash grey and forest ombre jubah:


Forest green and ash grey are fabulously used to dye this satin jubah dresses for everyday styling.  Floor touching and A-line jubah is wear as long dresses of abaya. It elegant piece for Muslim girls wants to get unusual look in color outfits other than black.  The color combination is unique and unusual. You cab contrast light grey, black or dark green hijab to cover head.

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