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Meemseen Abaya Embellish With Embroidery Work

MeemSeen is one of the popular brands of abaya in the muslin country. Women wear Meemseen abaya with full satisfaction. This brand of abaya is wear in Pakistan, UK, Dubai and other part of the world. Abaya are decorated that make you modish and pretty girl. Recently MeemSeen abaya boutique is establish in the Lahore city.

Abaya are in these fabulous styles like lacy sleeve abaya, ball bottom sleeve abaya, and embellished velvet sleeve abaya. With each abaya matching hijab is present. Meemeen abaya are design with thread work, lace, beads, and stone.

In these abaya cut style is also exist. Hijab is match with wonderful brooches. When you dress up Meemseen abaya these give you awesome look. Color combination for embroidery work is so elegant. These abaya can be worn on ordinary bases.

MeemSeen abaya are prepared with silk, shiffon and jersey fabric. Sleeves are match with hijab show a charming complexion. You can get Meemseen abaya easily and enjoy more.

Black Abaya collection by MeemSeen

Black Abayas with hijab  by MeemSeen

Graceful abayas by MeemSeen

MeemSeen  modern abaya collection for girls

MeemSeen Latest Fashion Abayas for Women

MeemSeen stylish abaya collection for women

Muslim Girls abaya collection by MeemSeen

New baya with hijab   Fashion Trend


women abaya dress by MeemSeen

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