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Latest Tri-Color Abaya Collection by Nashel

1 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (5)

Nashel is fashion forward abaya brand offer sophisticated and delicate abayas for trendy girls.  Arabian fashion brand Nashel work too good to provide such type for abaya bring elegance and modest feeling.  Nashel best know the modern women demand so they launched highly versatile and fashion able abaya. Here I bring latest   Nashel abaya collection which dramatically designs in white, black and grey hues.  Combines traditional Arabian fashion trend with western fashion o design this glamorous abaya collection.   Fine fabrication, delicate details and sophisticated cut give to model this high-end abaya collection. Dr.Layla Abu Al-Saud is founder of this abaya line.

2 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (2)

Nashel is new generated Arabian abaya brand yet they offer wide range of abayas for women. Nashel abayas are amazing combination of fabric, prints and color yet here w only bring his black and which collection.  Black and white in everlasting colors in fashion which never goes back. So do not hesitate in investing on black and white abaya. Dr.Layla Abu Al-Saud this time focus on black and white hues with a ting of grey. Crepe fabric used to create this splendid abayas collection.

 Nashel Colored Block Abaya:

3 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (1)

Look at this stunning Nashel abaya which is exclusive piece in her latest collection. Designer tries to bring liberal touch in her abayas design which perfectly matched with modern women life style. Modern Muslim women recognize the fashion sense. So they want to look modest but do not compromise on modesty. Modesty is the base of Islamic styling.  Black, grey and white tri-color abayas is statement color blocked design which grabs attention.  Grey bordered white center and white top front open abayas is luxurious piece embellished with black velvet patch. Velvet, jersey fabric use to tailored these abayas.

Nashel Black And White Abaya:

4 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (6)

This one is dreamy abaya for fashion conscious ladies which never let down you investment. It’s playful and sober dresses best for formal styling. It’s also chic attire for street and everyday styling.  Half black and half white front open abaya with coat collar and loose sleeve details look nice.  This gorgeous lady looks beautiful in white and black Nashel abaya which layered on black velvet jumpsuit along with high heel pointy toe pumps.

Fringe Lace Hem Detailed Abaya:

5 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (8)

It’s also terrific abaya design tailored in color blocked style.  Black velvet abaya with white center and border patch is impeccable piece design by Nashel. White patches also use to define sleeve cuffs while black fringe lace is apply on hem which look great. Its sophisticated abaya style overcomes the main goal of Nashel brand.

Polka Dotted And Striped Bodice Abaya:

6 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (10)

Nashel is up-coming abaya brand yet it makes it way through different work. Nashel just opened over one year ago. Nashel abayas grabs fashion conscious ladies.  Nashel has bright future as they rapidly gain popularity in short period of time.  Asymmetrical black and white striped bodice featuring polka dotted double layer sleeve one is black ground and white dots while other is white ground and black dot. Its intricate style of abaya shows designer talent.

Double Abaya With Polka Dots:

7 Nashel abaya collection for trendy girls (11)

Nashel design this groundbreaking abaya design with polka dotted fabric.  Lightweight and breathable polka dotted sheer front open abayas with black lining is astonishing attire look nice with cuff sleeve details.  It jacket style abayas layered over modish outfits.    Entire collection has individual abayas which add soberness and grace in woman personality. You can pick these trendy abayas for everyday, formal and semi formal styling.  Business women also pick these abayas for workout conditions.

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